Stanley Tucci Opens Up About Grieving The Loss Of His First Wife: 'You Never Stop'

There's nothing harder in life than the loss of a loved one, and no amount of success, fame, or wealth can change that the grieving process is often long and arduous for everyone.

Stanley Tucci opened up about grieving his first wife, Kate, 11 years after her passing in a new interview, and we absolutely love him for his vulnerability and honesty!

Stanley Tucci is one of our all-time favorite actors.

From Julie & Julia, The Devils Wears Prada, Easy A, The Lovely Bones, to so many more, Stanley lights up the screen whenever he's on it.

He's also an incredibly charming and kind person (not to mention handsome!) so there's really nothing to not love about him!

From 1995 to 2009, Stanley was married to his first wife, Kate Spath.

Stanley and Kate had three children together and also raised Kate's two children from a previous marriage.

Tragically, in 2009, Kate passed away from breast cancer. Stanley has opened up about the grieving process in a new interview with CBS Sunday Morning.

"You never stop," Stanley said.

“You never stop grieving,” Stanley went on to say. “It’s still hard after 11 years. It’s still hard. And it will always be hard. But you can’t let it…" he said before trailing off.

Anyone who's ever lost a family member or a loved one can definitely relate.

Stanley went on to say that Kate wouldn't want grief to rule his life.

"She would never want any of us to sort of, to wallow, in that grief and let it take over our lives. She would never want that. She wasn't like that," Stanley told the interviewer.

All anyone can ask for is that after they're gone, the people they loved continue to live long, happy lives full of love!

Stanley's words resonated with his fans.

"I can imagine," one fan wrote in response to the interview. "I Still Grieve The Death of My Late Better Half Bruce it’s been 25 Yrs that’s one Part Of My life that’s incomplete."

Stanley has since remarried literary agent Felicity Blunt.

Felicity is the older sister of actress Emily Blunt, who introduced the two after costarring with Stanley in The Devil Wears Prada.

Stanley and Felicity married in 2012 and have two children together.

Stanley has opened up in the past about feeling guilt over moving on in the public eye.

In 2015, Stanley revealed that "It was very hard to go on vacations at first—really hard to go with Felicity someplace," in an interview with The Times. "I felt guilty. It's horrible. You always feel guilty."

He expressed similar feelings of guilt surrounding Kate's passing.

"We tried everything we could do to save her. I wish that I could have done more and that I could have been with her at the moment she passed away," Stanley told The Guardian in 2016.

Stanley explained why he hadn't been with her when she passed.

"I couldn’t be in that room, because I knew it would be so devastating that I wouldn’t be able to take care of the kids after," he said.

There's no rulebook for a loved one passing away, and we're sure Stanley's kids are grateful to him for putting them first!

Stanley also explained that he honors Kate in his home with Felicity.

Stanley told The Times that he keeps pictures of Kate up at home. "Not that many, but I would have difficulty [not having them]. Especially when we first met, it was only two years after Kate died."

We're sure that Kate would be so happy that Stanley found love again!

We know we definitely are!

You can watch the interview for yourself right here.

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