John Stamos Pleads With People To Follow Pandemic Rules In Emotional Twitter Rant

Quarantining with our loved ones can be pretty difficult, especially since so many of us haven't had much interaction with those outside of our households in almost a year. What's even more difficult, however, is quarantining without your loved ones, as John Stamos is opening up about in an emotional series of tweets.

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John Stamos is an actor best known for his work as Uncle Jesse on *Full House.*

He's also appeared on General Hospital, ER, Grandfathered, and You.

John is the father to a two-year-old son, Billy, and in a new series of tweets, John has opened up about how other people getting exposed to the virus have affected his relationship with his son.

John explained on Twitter that he has been exposed to someone who had the virus for a third time and was forced to quarantine.

"My son went to bed last night crying and woke up crying cause he can’t be with his father. I'm grateful to have a job, it’s a privilege at this time. I was exposed to the virus for the 3rd time, and have to isolate again for another 10 days!" John tweeted.

John pleaded with his followers to take the rules seriously.

"I feel my job is doing what they can to keep us safe. But people, please follow the rules - your actions affect so many more lives than just your own. Thanks," John finished.

Fans in the replies shared similar stories.

"It’s awfully hard. I feel you- I was quarantined on my basement for almost 4 months at the start of the pandemic," one fan wrote.

"I’m a COVID Swat RN & I was terrified to contaminate my 3 kids and husband. Thankfully, my second dose of vax is setting in & I feel a little less stress," she continued.

We hope everyone, including John, gets to feel that relief soon!