Generous Customer Leaves 'COVID Sucks!' Note And $1,400 Tip For Restaurant Staff

It's hard to overcome an unexpected crisis like the pandemic, so when these restaurant staff workers encountered unexpected kindness, it was a true game changer.

As CNN reported, one very generous customer recently left a tip that shocked everyone and even made headlines, reminding us of the true power of both literally and figuratively paying it forward.

What started as an ordinary day soon became extraordinary.

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This month, Notchtop Bakery & Cafe in Estes Park, Colorado, known for having the best breakfast in town, experienced an unexpected surprise.

Owner Nailya Khametvalieva had a customer come in for some breakfast classics, like eggs and bacon, and once they'd finished their meal, they decided to leave behind one very surprising "thank you" tip.

No one could have seen this coming.

The customer, who is known only as "David," left a shocking $1,400 tip, but that's not all the wait staff found at this table.

He also left them a note on their receipt that read "COVID Sucks!"

His meal was only $20.04, but rather than simply leave a modest tip, he decided to go above and beyond.

This customer made sure every restaurant worker felt special.

Before leaving his large tip, David found out how many staff members were working that day and decided to leave enough money for each of those seven employees to receive $200.

The workers were understandably almost in tears as they realized that this tip would help them pay their bills and support their families.

This one act created joy for many people.

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Khametvalieva told CNN she had been struggling to care for the restaurant and her employees during the pandemic. After being open for 10 years, the restaurant experienced many threats of closure because of COVID lockdowns.

While certainly David can't stop the pandemic, he offered restaurant workers and the world something to find hope in: kindness.

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