15+ People Whose Bad Days Put Ours To Shame

Everybody's bound to have a bad day now and then. Some of these bad days feel like they're literally the worst day ever.

If you've ever felt that way, you should re-adjust your perception...because the following people have, in fact, experienced some of the worst days ever.

You did your best.

Reddit | CrystalProtocol

That's a big spill with impressive coverage. I'm sure it'll only take a few days to clean up most of it.

Read the label.

Reddit | Zetorio

This guy notes that this sweater was worth $300 and used to fit...until his wife ignored the instructions to keep it out of the dryer.


Do you ever have the right tools for the job and fail miserably anyway? Whoever battled this can of pumpkin pie filling knows that feeling.

Guess we're ordering delivery tonight.

Reddit | lochstimpson

There's nothing like buying a bunch of tasty ingredients to make a special dinner, then dropping them all over the sidewalk and your way home.


Reddit | JustSeanAgain

This person ordered a monitor. They got a monitor. I'm sure they wish it hadn't been thrown over a seven-foot wall first, though.

The horror.

Reddit | CherryBowser

This person was playing a dangerous game when they ordered extra mayo on their chicken sandwich, and they've clearly paid the price.

Isn't science cool?

Reddit | dim-pap

I think literally everybody has done this at one time or another: put a can of soda in the freezer and forgotten about it for hours (or days).

Was it, though?

It's nice that some delivery services include photographic confirmation of their deliveries. This photo, though, is just a tad ominous.

Nail fail.

Reddit | kepper104

If you like to wear big-ass fake nails, that's totally cool. Just be extra cautious if you're selecting the floor in an elevator.

That didn't work.

Reddit | L1011TriStar

This person's popcorn got stuck, so they tried to dislodge it with bags of chips. None of it went according to plan.

Way down in the hole.

"Just finished building a Lego set with my oldest son. His younger brother then grabs part of the set, runs outside, and drops it down the sewer vent."

Two for one.

Reddit | Ambers_on_fire

The person who posted this photo says they dropped their favorite mug and tried to catch it with their second-favorite mug. Here are the results.

Receding hairline simulator.

Reddit | manitobakid

This guy gave himself about half a buzz cut before his clippers failed. Now he has to wait a few days for new clippers to arrive.

"No CDL required."

Reddit | ProLicks

There's some poetic justice in a truck advertising that there's no need for a license winding up in the ditch like this.

Mixed messages.

Reddit | Niiv0

Sometimes, taking just one letter out of the equation can change the message entirely. I hope frontline workers feel loved regardless.

Winter wonderland.

Reddit | stunzeed_

There's truly nothing like leaving your windows rolled down just before a big blizzard hits and covers everything with snow.

Expert mode.

Reddit | Kjakan

Then again, you could leave the windows to your literal home open before a blizzard, too. This is a straight-up nightmare.

Mushroom cloud.

Reddit | captrehtaeh

I'm humble enough to admit that I've experienced the exact same thing. I was just too ashamed of myself to photograph it.

0 for 2.

Reddit | IdleByron

This person's tire blew out, so they put on a spare. Then the spare blew out. Unfortunately, spares don't have spares.

Classic photo.

Reddit | Lio_Lab

I think this has shot up my list to become my personal favorite photo of all time. Get well soon, gramps.

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