Kate Middleton Breaks Winter Fashion Rule In New Video

I am a firm believer that fashion rules were meant to be broken. What's the point of putting RULES on something that is supposed to be an expression of ourselves?

When you're as high profile as Kate Middleton, however, all eyes are always on you, and if you break any fashion rule, you'll know about it ASAP!

Kate Middleton is famously gorgeous A.F. It's called science, sweeties.

She has supermodel good looks (and LEGS) with the heart and charm of an angel.

There's truly nothing not to love about Ms. Middleton!

Kate's fabulous outfits have been making headlines for over a decade now.

Fans love her chic and sophisticated style and the fact that she breaks with the Royal family mold and recycles multiple outfits. You know, like how normal people do.

However, some people have noticed that Kate broke a major winter fashion rule this past week.

While posting a touching video in honor of Burns Night, where the royal couple donated a festive lunch of "haggis, neeps and tatties" to the hospital staff at NHS Tayside in Scotland, Kate wore a gorgeous tartan dress.

According to *People*, this dress broke a major winter fashion rule.

"It's an unwritten style rule that red, tartan plaids are reserved for the holiday season. Kate's look feels more 'Christmas card' ready and less 'January Zoom' appropriate," says the publication's Senior Style Editor Brittany Talarico.

"However, just like white after Labor Day, 'style rules' are made to broken," she explained.

"And seeing how cheerful the print looks, Kate's commitment to plaid might just start a fashion revolution."

I absolutely love Kate's dress and the fact that it broke "typical" protocol makes me love it even more, TBH.

What do you think of the dress? Let us know in the comments below!

h/t: People