Early Petition To Cancel April Fool's Day Started As Reality Is 'Too Exhausting As It Is'

A petition to cancel April Fool's day this year has been established after a group of people couldn't face the thought of dealing with pranks in a year that is already proving to be too insane as it is!

Love for April Fool's day seems to be waning in general, especially in offices.

Unsplash | jaikishan patel

One member of the group who started the petition to cancel April Fool's day told AA News:

"As people try harder and harder to prank people by telling them they're getting arrested or they've been kidnapped, it all seems a little ridiculous! Especially in a world that is as mad as this one is now...I mean, have you looked out of a window lately? Anything could happen! Anything!"

TikTok and YouTube pranksters also have a lot to answer for in ruining April Fool's day.

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Across TikTok and YouTube, many people have inexplicably found moderate fame in playing "pranks" on their family, friends, and coworkers and then uploading them to the networks in a desperate attempt to get validation to fill the gaping hole that their vanity and lack of actual life skills presumably leaves in their soul.

"My son smashed up our TV last year then bought me the same one again and just kept filming me while saying, 'Brrruuuhhhh!' I had to pretend to be entertained, but it just made me wish even more that he'd move out of my basement and take his weird sneaker collection with him," one distraught father told AA News.

Studies conducted by AA News' scientists have also shown that people who film pranks and upload them to the internet on a regular basis are 50% more likely to be a "Complete melt."

Some individuals have also set up a support group for people who live with internet pranksters.


Jack Jackson and Jill Jillianson (no relation), set up the support group for people who live with internet pranksters as a safe place for people to vent about their irritating housemates or loved ones.

"It was fine at first," one person told AA News, "They would just do little stuff which was quite funny. But now, we can't get through a meal without our son throwing a balloon filled with custard at the wall while shouting a catchphrase or telling us he's dying as a 'prank'. I mean, it's good he's got a hobby but we just wish, like any parent, that he wasn't such a constantly unfunny failure."

Another person, whose roommate is a TikTok prankster, told us, "I'm so worried about April Fool's day this year. Last year my roommate filled every cupboard with liquid nitrogen. I don't even know how he did it, but I lost both my feet and my hands just trying to get my cereal. He just filmed me as my hands and feet were frozen off, shouting, 'You should see your face mate! How'd you feel? Lol!'"

Maybe it is best if we call April Fool's day off this year, for the sake of everyone's sanity?

January is only just coming to a close, and yet this year is already throwing a lot at us...a hell of a lot! So, the idea of having to pretend to be amused by someone's overly elaborate prank this year is already hiking my freakin' blood pressure up!

Or, if you are going to be pulling a prank or two on a loved one, maybe keep it low-key? Not everything has to be dialed up to a million in an attempt to get validation guys, you can just play a small joke on your family, it's not a freakin' competition. At least, I don't think it is a competition? Anyway, let me know your thoughts on canceling April Fool's day in the comments!

Love to you all,

Aunty Acid.