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14+ Fascinating Things That Defied The Odds

Chances are you've had a day in your life when everything seemed to come up in your favor. Chances are that was a pretty memorable day, too.

But you don't need to have bank errors in your favor to feel like you have to share something with the world. Sometimes, it's all about finding something that beats the odds.

That's not usually how it works.

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Think about it, how often do you get far fewer toppings on a frozen pizza than the box would lead you to believe? All the time, right?

So finding one that's loaded with toppings is like winning the lottery. But maybe this pie is just where all the toppings from those previous disappointments landed.

A cosmic mystery.

Reddit | wasuhdudehaha

This person got a tattoo of the solar system on their arm, and then later, a mole popped up in a pretty fortunate location to act as the famous Great Red Spot on Jupiter.

Astronomers might have some issues with the tattoo, but that spot is a happy accident.

Lucky strike.

Reddit | Dargon34

Someone out splitting logs managed to whack one such that the middle of the log popped out, while the rest did indeed split in half.

I feel like that one's a keeper — after all, it survived when it shouldn't have.

Blown away.

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The talent required to blow a triple bubble has less to do with not popping any of them as much as not ruining your hair/eyebrows/favorite sweater in the process. So kudos to this person for managing that feat.

You be the judge.

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Is it an unlikely placement, or just the definition of "optimism" to put a vending machine loaded to the gills with water right next to a fountain just giving the stuff away for free?

Why do you have to be like that, nature?

Reddit | leaf_of_lettuce

Mushrooms come in some pretty odd shapes and varieties, but have you ever seen any that look more like tasty, fluffy, golden brown pancakes?

Personally, I wouldn't take any chances on eating them, no matter how much syrup you drown them in.

About to snap.

Reddit | kendrahoffdude

At the outside, I would have guessed that this rubber band ball is maybe 10-15 years old. But no, it's a ripe old 29! I'm amazed it hasn't dried out and snapped long ago.

Who knew?

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I thought leg room on flights had gone the way of free carry-on bags and in-flight meals, sacrificed to keep the almighty shareholders pleased.

But as this person shows, it's out there, and if you're lucky enough, you might get that blessed seat in the future.

Hope they didn't need it.

Reddit | azsheepdog

Somebody lost a saws-all blade out on the freeway. You can tell because this car happened to pick it up with its grill. And when you think about it, that situation could have been a whole lot worse.

All tucked in.

Reddit | Zee-J-

Just at a glance, you'd think this car was covered in a cotton blanket. And it is blanketed with something soft and white, but it's snow, not cotton.

Amazing how the snow does look so much like a blanket, though.

It's a clean break.

Reddit | ohkaykay_De

Sadly, someone spilled their wine. But holy smokes, is that ever a clean line on the break. How does it do that? And, better question, How hard do you clink glasses when you cheers?

Ah nuts.

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Some would argue that the best part of a cornetto is the chocolate, or the caramel inside, or the ice cream itself, but whatever the case, it's a sight worse without the cone.

This one did ship without it. Dang.

They don't make 'em like they used to.

Reddit | Night_Wolf_13

Okay, so this mail chute obviously wasn't made yesterday, or even last year. But not only is it still in use today, it's also been kept up well enough that you'd think it was installed recently.

Real survivors.

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To think that paper could have lasted more than 240 years is a bit mind-blowing, but here we are: two bank notes, Continental Currency, for the grand sum of two shillings and six pence, from 1776.


Reddit | Legomaster1963

It's not nearly as old as those bank notes but someone still saw fit to not just keep this 55-year-old stamp, but actually mail something with it.

And it was still good! I believe that's former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Adlai Stevenson depicted on the stamp.

That's...actually a decent ad.

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I don't even know how it's possible but someone found this roll of Glad Wrap at their mother-in-law's house, clearly from the mid-1960s, still in use today. But I guess if it still works, why bother changing?

This happens??

Reddit | 169partner

It has to be a huge rarity just to get a refund check for an overpayment from a hospital. Getting one 11 years after the fact is just unheard of.

I'd almost use the refund to pay for a frame for the letter.

What a beauty.

Reddit | StillLife35mm

This longhorn someone spotted out in Texas has a cool marking — what looks like another longhorn, right between its horns. This bovine is more Texas than Texas.

I guess it has to happen sometimes.

Reddit | Mooshroom_stew

And in this location, the edge of a rain storm cut the street in half right down the middle. Half of the street is drenched, while the other just has a few specks of rain.

Eastern bloc pop.

Reddit | maxstern95

Somebody rooting around in the back of a freezer at a Russian bazaar thought they had found an interesting relic of the Soviet Union in this ice cream bar because it was in a box marked 1992.

Unfortunately, this is just a brand that plays on Russia nostalgia — it was too good to be true.