12+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘This Is Too Weird To Just Be Coincidence’

A lot of things in this world can leave us baffled, like the fact that Reel Big Fish are still a

Anyway, with this idea in mind, but also while trying not to remember any Reel Big Fish tunes, here are 12+ moments that made us go, "This is too weird to just be coincidence."

"Precision Manufacturing!"

Maybe their specialty isn't signs? Either that or maybe they're just so busy with work that they don't have the time to fix their own sign...which could be a good sign for their business.

Play West End Girls!

Are the Pet Shop Boys still in the zeitgeist enough for me to make this reference? They had some cracking tunes to be fair!

"Two 16 gauge wood framing nails shot into the space in between my kneecap and femur! Neither nail touched ANY bone."

This person went on to say, "I had 6 doctors come into my room to tell me how lucky I was." I mean, it would probably have been luckier to not shoot yourself in the leg, but silver linings and all that I guess.

"Living" History!

"And over here you can see the zombies of some 12th century peasants!"

"Wait, what?"

"Feel free to get up close and have a look. Just don't get too close, they do have the plague and they will try and devour your flesh!"

Life's Too Short...

That is one hell of a ballsy sticker to be putting on a Ford Fusion. I kind of admire the gall of it.

"All 4 passengers were uninjured, but we can't say the same about the car."

I am floored by how little damage there actually seems to be to that car considering the size of that twig jammed through it!

"Coincidence? I think not!"

I'm not sure that a load of bloodthirsty dinosaurs roaming around with cones on their heads would have helped with that asteroid, but you never know.

"They can't even clean their own sign!"

They're paid to clean other people's stuff, not clean their own damn sign! That's God's job...probably?

Trees Rock!

What is it with trees trying to destroy as many cars as they can? Well, I guess that cars are destroying the planet, but still...chill out, trees!

"Perfectly timed speed camera photo."

So, in this instance, do they go out and give this pigeon a speeding ticket? I doubt they'll pay it, they're notorious scroungers.

"It knows no limits! Tree consumes metal sign on hiking trail."

This tree is more hardcore than any human I've ever seen. I mean, what human eats metal signs for breakfast, without any milk as well!?

"This caterpillar cocooning in a beak of a cast iron bird statue."

What a power play from this caterpillar! It's like it is mocking birds everywhere.

"She was born for this job..."

"But, why do I have to do the piece on Aami Park?"

"Well, Ms. Amy Parks, the reason is..."

"Never mind, I get it now."

"Found in the woods..."

This screams, "Influencers were here." Why bother cleaning up the planet when you can get a picture of you wearing a mask saying "World Cleanup Day" for Instagram?