Boy Scouts Build Insulated 'Feline Abodes' To Keep Stray Cats Warm All Winter Long

During the winter months, stray animals left to fend for themselves struggle to stay warm and find suitable shelter.

Thankfully, there are kindhearted people out there who are ready and willing to go out of their way to make sure at least some of those homeless animals are safe, evspecially when temperatures become frigid.

A group of Boy Scouts in Atlanta realized that the cats in their area needed safe places to sleep, so they took action, working together to build creative and efficient insulated cat shelters that are simply purrrfect.

One high schooler decided to lead a community mission.

According to Daily Paws, senior Tyrell Cooper and his local Boy Scout troop decided to embark of the DIY project of creating cat shelters specifically for LifeLine Animal Project of Atlanta.

Cooper knew that feral cats have a shorter life-expectancy, and wanted to kickstart a community project that could help change that.

Cats can now sleep easy.

Cooper cleverly dubbed these insulated, handmade shelters "feline abodes." Each one is made from a Rubbermaid bin and provides cats and kittens a comfy and safe place to sleep, whether they're facing rain, snow, sleet or hail.

Cooper is on his way to full-filling his dreams.

Not only is Cooper a college-bound honor student, he also organized this project in the pursuit of achieving his Eagle Scout status.

The title is deserving of those with leadership skills and community mindsets that want to help others. Cooper definitely fits the bill.

These cats are going to be some very happy customers.

People are applauding Cooper and his Boy Scout friends for their efforts to create these cat shelters. We're pretty sure if the cats could clap, they would too.

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h/t: Daily Paws, Facebook | Lifeline Animal Project