Simple DIY Project Turns Regular Pine Cones Into Gorgeous Flowers

Sustainable art is one of the coolest ways to show the Earth how much we love it. Using recycled materials (and the materials Mother Earth gives us) we can create beautiful art that can go right back to the ground when we're done with it!

Take pine cone flowers, for example. This DIY is simple, easy, and uses materials you can find in your backyard!

Many different kinds of cones are used to make the flowers.

Etsy shop GaiasGreatestGifts has a number of pre-cut pine cones available in various shapes. That way, you can create the arrangement that suits your needs if you don't feel like shaping them yourself.

Flatter cones work best for wider flowers.

They'll give you more of that bloom look of traditional flowers, with wide, flat "petals" that strongly mimic real flowers! You can really get your arts and crafts vibes on with this DIY.

More traditional looking pine cones make my favorite flowers.

Seriously, how pretty is this pinecone bouquet? If you want to try and replicate the look of a zinnia flower, turn the pine cones upside down, so that the bottoms face outward! I never would have thought of turning them upside down.

You can learn how to make your own on YouTube!

YouTuber Tammy Brackett filmed an in-depth tutorial on how to choose your pinecones, what paint to use, and how to arrange them. You can check it out right [here!]((