Family's DIY 'Lending Sled Shed' Lets Everyone Get In On The Winter Fun

Have you heard of these pop-up neighborhood libraries that people have created on some street corners? You can borrow a book and bring it back when you finish reading it.

But how about another activity you can do in winter? One father and daughter duo decided to treat their community to the best winter fun one can imagine. The best part — it's free for anyone to enjoy!

Kristie Edwardsen from Edmonton, Canada, got an idea from someone in the United States to create a "Lending Sled Shed" for her community.

She then recruited her dad, Keith Serigh, to help her with the building of the shed.

They decided to locate the shed at Laurier Drive and 77 Avenue in their community of Laurier Heights.

Fittingly, it sits at the top of the Laurier Heights toboggan hill. And now, thanks to this father-daughter duo, everybody can borrow a sled to go down the hill.

Kristie's father is a handyman and a former artist, so naturally, she thought he was the right man for the job.

Unsplash | Hunter Haley

Thankfully, he happily obliged and got started on making the shed for the sleds. I think she picked the right person to handle this, huh?

Kristie's father has been sticking around his home lately because he's currently going through cancer treatment.

With COVID around, he can't be out and about as he would like to be. So this awesome project gave him something meaningful to do.

This project gave Kristie's father something to look forward to every day.

It also provided him a chance to be engaged within the community. And he didn't even have to leave his house to do it. I bet he really appreciated being able to help.

The shed has been a welcome addition to the Laurier Heights community.

People even donated a variety of sleds to be stored in the shed for everyone to use. The shed was full of them within 24 hours of it going up on the hill.

People young and old have been enjoying sledding down the hill.

Unsplash | Greg Rakozy

Even a 75-year-old member of the community took part in this fun activity. As you can see, this type of winter activity doesn't discriminate. Anyone can partake in it safely.

This shed is providing everyone a much needed human connection for the community.

Everybody can keep their distance and still enjoy tobogganing down the snowy hills. The father-daughter duo is already planning to put up another shed in another location and a lending library.

What do you think of this story? Doesn't it warm your heart at least a little?

This kind of community action and participation is so important especially now. As the world slowly gets back to "normal," we must keep our spirits up, no?

h/t Global News