This Otter And Kitten Are The Best Of Friends And Love To Cuddle

What's cuter than an adorable animal? An adorable pairing of animals, duh!

Sure, there's the classic pair of a dog and cat — and those are always wonderful — but there's an extra level of cuteness when one or both of the pair is an unusual choice of pet.

Meet Sakura the otter and Mochi the cat.

They live together in Japan with their humans and have quite the social media following.

I mean: of course they do. Look at the cuteness!

Both Sakura and Mochi love to play and cuddle each other and their humans.

Their YouTube channel has amassed tens of millions of views across the many videos of the pair interacting together.

They are the best of friends and I love them to death.

Of course, the viral popularity of an unusual pet like Sakura does raise some concerns.

Otters are wild animals and while the common otter species aren't currently endangered, the pet trade was beginning to pose a serious risk to their wild populations.

Thankfully, steps have been made to protect the populations from bad actors in the pet trade.

In August 2019, international commercial trade of the Asian small-clawed otter and the smooth-coated otter species was banned.

Sakura herself has been with her humans for four years and seems healthy and well cared for. The new restrictions simply mean that we can enjoy her delightful relationship with Mochi, without the same worry about how her viral popularity might risk the lives of her cousins in the wild going forward.

If you'd like to follow the adorable pair, you can do so on Instagram @kawauso_sakura and on YouTube.

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