Someone Actually Made A Crochet Doll Out Of The Viral Bernie Sanders Meme

At this point, there's no one that hasn't seen, and probably shared, the iconic meme of beloved American politician Bernie Sanders during the inauguration.

He showed up looking pretty cool, all bundled up with a face mask and some stylish mittens. He looked so cool, in fact, that someone decided to make a crochet doll of Sanders in his now-trending pose. Not only is it giving us chills, but it's also making us smile.

This is definitely a new fashion statement.

For any DIY fans who are also Sanders lovers, these crochet patterns are perfect for a laugh that will last forever.

When it's completed, the doll is approximately 9" tall and is made to sit with one leg crossed over the other to create the famous Sanders pose.

We think that this doll is a winner by popular vote.

This pattern is intended for crocheters at a beginner to intermediate level who have experience with amigurumi.

Since wire is used to assemble the doll, it's not intended to be a kids toy.

This doll is a celebration of an epic moment.

There are lots of pictures for reference when creating this doll, so there's no getting lost on the way to recreating what was arguably the top 2021 moment thus far.

People have even been saying, "Thank you very much for your talent! Your Bernie is adorable!" in response to these detailed patterns on Etsy.

It's time to crochet this cute Bernie doll.

We can't help but love the way Sanders always keeps it real, cool, and chill.

The downloadable PDF pattern for these dolls commemorating the trending photo for all of time are available on Etsy through TobeyTimeCrochet's store for around $5.

Let us know what you think in the comments and if you plan on getting your Sanders doll pattern.