Crochet Hoodies From Etsy Will Keep Your Pint-Sized Pigs Cozy

What's cuter than a guinea pig? A guinea pig in a sweater, of course.

Etsy shop EnchantingCreations7 crochets handmade sweaters for every size of guinea pig, and it actually has me jealous of the pigs. I mean, the colors they offer are so chic. Let's go give them a look.

May I present: a skinny guinea pig in a sweater.

I know. You weren't expecting this. No one knows when they're going to see a skinny pig, you know? And today was your day. You're so welcome.

The sweaters are made for different sized pigs.

They're available for babies, teens, and adults, with a custom option available for this hard to measure in between sizes. Some guinea pigs can be chunky, after all!

The mint color is seriously adorable.

And so on trend! You can choose from mint, green, pink, blue, and white for the solid colors, and two sparkly options in purple and white! I'd go for sparkly. More fun.

You can order them on Etsy.

EnchantingCreations7 offers each handmade sweater for $30, which is a great price to keep your guinea pig warm! Now, what color will you choose? I'd stick my cat in a sparkly purple, personally.

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