16+ Life Hacks That, Arguably, Didn’t Hack Much At All

Life hacks are everywhere on the internet, from the ones that are actually quite useful to the ones that are...well, somewhat ridiculous!

And, to show off the slightly more ridiculous examples of life hacks, here are 17+ life hacks that, arguably, didn't hack anything!

"A backboard 'fix' done by one of my neighbours."

"I told you to use wood!"

"Yeah, well, paper is basically just thin wood so I wasn't that far off!"

"Take the comfort out of your chair with this one simple trick!"

If you find that your comfortable chair is just too comfortable, then why not add some plushy mushrooms so that there won't be mush-room for you to sit down!

Homemade Joysticks!

"What's great about these is that you can now play with..."

"Dave, I'm begging you to not finish that sentence and just give me a normal controller."

"Dad's 'life hack' didn't make Mom as happy as he hoped."

This guy's new and improved idea for "shelves" was probably just an attempt to distract his wife from the fact that he still hadn't got a switch plate for that light switch.

"What a great life hack!"

This is a much better idea than what I have previously been doing. Has someone altered the fire department to this information?

"If it works it isn't stupid."

Disclaimer: For any boneheads out there, please don't actually do this...please!

"Test your hairstyles on your kids!"

I mean, you're still stuck with a kid that looks like a dingbat, but at least you can just laugh at them when you're feeling down as well!

"Even though I'm the one who made it, idk why my taser-stapler exists..."

The unsettling inventor behind this explained, "The stapler itself is broken, but I bought an inverter off of amazon that is connected where the staples would go, so basically it arcs where the paper normally goes."

"Got loads of dirty dishes that need doing before people arrive? Just put some clean dishes in the rack and it'll look like you're working on it!"

This level of procrastination is admirable. I can't thank the person who thought of this tip enough!

"Why buy a desk organizer when you can mutilate a GameCube controller instead?"

A lot of people had a downer on the Gamecube controller, but I loved it. Which makes this even harder to look at. It's like someone has gouged the eyes out of my childhood.

"Why buy a tv mount when you can just plaster it into the wall?!"

There is a level of insanity in this that I kind of cannot help but admire. I also love that the DVD player is just hanging out there on its own now.

"My little sister and her friend with their homemade movie theaters."

I suppose that it gets the job done, but I cannot help but think of how sore my back would be after this. Wow, I'm getting old.

"Friend of mine fixed a bad pot hole for the citizens of our town."

Would you rather hit a pothole or a little tree? I wonder if this got the local council to take notice, probably not though based on experiences with literally every local council ever.


This is a great way to combat loneliness, and there isn't the slightest thing depressing about it! Amazing!

"Cutting Your Tennis Balls In Half Means You Can Store Twice As Many!"

It will also make your games of tennis much shorter so you can get to that post-game pint even faster!

"Don't be afraid to use public bathrooms ever again!"

Also, maybe add a little, "The power of Christ compels you!" in the middle of your screaming to really complete the effect!

"Best way to fix a car window!"

Someone suggested that a little herb garden box attached to this would really complete the aesthetic, and I think that is a great idea! If a little dangerous.

The Key To Victory...

I haven't seen the Queen's Gambit on Netflix yet, but I'm assuming that this is from it?

"DIY Level: God."

I actually quite like this design, and I feel like hipsters everywhere will also be planning on making this modification!

"I was able to get this design for free... The last time I fixed my car!"

Why would anyone want this aesthetic to be plastered on their nails for the long-term?

"I made a sweater out of dryer fluff."

The budget for the next Mad Max film seems to be much smaller than the previous instalments!

"This should work..."

I feel like this photograph will be used as a part of an explanation as to how this building eventually burns down.

"This see-through Stormtrooper armour I came across."

I do not know why this thing exists, but I am glad that I live in a world where it does!

"Visited my mother, her partner had fixed the door... Sweet as!"

Look, it works which is the important thing I guess. But, by Christ, it ain't a pretty fix that's for sure!

"Truck transformation 58% complete..."

I really worry for the mental state of the individual who decided that this was a good idea to do.

Using Your Surroundings To Your Advantage...

"Excuse me, miss, have you seen the board for the cheese board that I left on this table?"

"I am the cheese board now!"

"When you need a rubber mallet but you only got a regular hammer and rubber door bumpers..."

In a similar vein, one other innovator added, "I did this once, but just covered the regular hammer in a bunch of duct tape to make a mallet."

"My dad 'Fixed' the washing machine door handle."

I would mainly be worried about whether or not it is watertight! Doesn't seem very secure...

"Thuglife hack."

If you are going to try and sneak food into somewhere, maybe try and sneak in something a little less conspicuous than spaghetti!

"My friend got his dreads cut off, his mom turned them into a cat bed!"

I know for a fact that I wouldn't want this in my house, let alone have my cat snuggling up inside it!