10+ Times DIYers On TikTok Inspired Us With Their Easy Projects

If you love DIY, trust me when I tell you TikTok will never steer you wrong.

Unlike most sites that are overloaded with "easy" DIYs that turn out to be total nonsense, TikTok is a surprisingly reliable source of good, fun DIYs! Let's check out some of my favorites.

Add an accent wall with cheap materials!

TikTok is BIG on adding texture with accent walls, and it's for a good reason: it's relatively inexpensive to do, but looks super luxe. Check out @handtreatedhome's full TikTok tutorial here.

Create your own backlit mirror!

User @simplystephjaye loved a backlit mirror she saw at Urban Outfitters, but she didn't love the $429 price tag. So, with a set of LED strip lights and an Amazon mirror, she made her own for a fraction of the cost!

Freehand your way to an accent wall.

There's nothing quite like pulling your paintbrushes out and having fun with a large canvas, right? Well, imagine that your entire wall is your canvas for this DIY from user @freckleandfriday!

Make yourself some wall decor!

Believe it or not, this arrow is actually made of popsicle sticks! @diy.ideaa made this by gluing together popsicle sticks, then spray painting the whole thing a matte black. Check it out here.

Turn ugly wire shelves into chic "built-ins."

Renters know the struggle of trying to work with the ugliest wire shelves imaginable. Enter: this DIY, which uses foam board and contact paper to cover it all up!

Create your own desktop waterfall!

Okay, so I want this. User @aquariuminfo used sprayable foam, carving skills, an aquarium pump, and real plants to bring this waterfall to life! Check out the whole process here.

These cute stools were upcycled using rugs!

These stools were in need of updating, so @lynsey_melissa decided to take their original fabric off and use some $5 rugs to give them a little facelift! Here's her process.

Cover up cords with style!

Man, I love little DIYs like this! Pick up a cord cover from Amazon and cut it down to size. Paint it the same color as your wall, and bam! No more cords.

Make this starburst mirror with bamboo skewers!

You can pick up skewers at any dollar store (they'll cost you more at the craft store). Grab some mirrors of different sizes and hot glue them to your painted sticks! Check it out here.

Cover up builder-grade lights with macrame!

This is the best budget DIY light hack I've ever seen! This one will take you a while, but it's easy to do and it's extremely inexpensive — all you need are some embroidery hoops and string!

Or paint your accent wall on!

If working with trim isn't quite your style, maybe some painted stripes are more your speed! This geometric wall is a fun take on traditional stripes. Check out @anasz89 for her full lash room transformation.

Make this vase with glass and clay!

How cute is that lip vase? You can follow along with @easyinterieur as she uses clay and spray paint to take a regular glass vase from blah to chic!

Hop on the TikTok tile table trend.

Everyone is tiling their tables lately and for good reason! There's something very boho-chic about a soft pastel color on tile, you know? Follow along with @wear.is.sam as she makes her own!

Paint an entire mural on your wall!

@theaestheticeditsco utilized a projector to make this wall mural happen! They projected the art pattern onto the wall, then followed the light until it was done! Watch the whole process here.