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14+ Times Taking A Closer Look Paid Off

Sure, you can skate by in life just doing the bare minimum and gloss over the menus and the product packaging and the movie posters and all that. It's easy to do. But what are you missing out on?

You never know unless you're willing to take a closer look. And hey, sometimes someone has left a little something for you to find.

Behind door number one.

Reddit | forhead123

Wow, somebody put a lot of work into a thing that nobody will ever see unless they try to plug something in and have to investigate further when it doesn't work.

Pretty cool thing to find, and as a bonus, a working outlet isn't far away.

On the bottom of a package of cookies.

Not sure what brand they are but it's easy to imagine Austin Powers being involved somehow. It's kind of amazing the impact that character has had on pop culture, when you think about it.

Likewise, this bottle.

Reddit | ivorella

It's hard to make out, but that says "What's your sign, gorgeous?" So, slightly more forward than those cookies — and this comes from an antibacterial spray.

It's always the ones you least suspect, isn't it?

Don't use that for laundry.

Reddit | MailmanTom69

It would be easy to do — just grabbing something shiny, round, vaguely quarter-like to get another week's worth of shirts clean — but this remarkably modern-looking coin is actually Roman and dates from about 1800 years ago.

They're family too.

It's a bit hard to see, probably because of the color of paint chosen, but this town's sign includes not just the human population, but also the dogs.

And, doing the math, there's more than one dog for every two people, which seems like a good ratio to me.

Ready player one.

Reddit | Vvorried

If it were a Nintendo, you might expect to find Mario; if Sega still made systems, Sonic.

PlayStation has so many characters in its stable that it's hard to pick one that's more iconic than any other. But for XBox, what character could it be but Halo's Master Chief tucked away down there?


Manchester honors one of its most famous exports to the world with this hidden gem.

It has to be a calm day, but when it is you can read an Oasis lyric, "Cast no shadow" reflected from the underside of New Islington Bridge onto the water below.

Really suits it.

It's like the ending of The Shawshank Redemption — how often do you look at the middle of the ace of spades?

I've played plenty of cards in my day and never noticed something like this, where all four suits are represented inside the design.


Reddit | ppppie_

It's unclear if the fencing goes all the way through the rock or not, but somebody at least had to line up everything perfectly and drill a little ways into the rock face to secure everything.

That's a ton of work rather than splitting and removing the boulder.

A classic.

Reddit | CougarBoozer

The iconic grill shape of the Jeep isn't just found below the hood ornament — at least on this Jeep, it's also right in the middle of the headlights.

I think it's the little touches like that that help Jeep build a loyal customer base.

Wrangling 'em in.

Reddit | federicoez

It's not just the headlights, either — Jeeps are full of such little Easter eggs. Here's another, spotted on a Jeep Wrangler.

The glare off the window makes it difficult to see but there's a little image of a jeep climbing a hill along the window's edge.

Hmmm, maybe not quite forever this time.

Reddit | HopDropNRoll

Someone trying to lighten their neighborhood up a bit stomped the Wu-Tang logo into the snow on a rooftop, and at least one person noticed.

Sadly, it's doomed to melt one day so in this case, Wu-Tang is not forever.


Reddit | Kehnte

The artist who worked on this cathedral in France apparently couldn't resist putting a tiny puppy into the design.

Maybe it was to encourage a respectful hush — after all, who wants to be the one to wake a sleeping puppy?


Reddit | ranfur8

Usually it's only technicians who see such things, but if you open up some equipment from famous amp-maker Marshall, you'll find this message: "Long Live Rock N' Roll."

Hey, they know their audience.

Aww, isn't that nice?

Reddit | localhibiscus

And so much nicer than what you usually find written on a park bench. Who doesn't like to hear "You are loved" once in a while, at random?

Nothing wrong with that at all.

Let it soar.

Reddit | aloux

It's not clear why, but someone stamped this dollar bill with an eagle. And it's a such a high quality stamp, and so well placed, that I had to check to make sure it wasn't supposed to be there.

Bargain successfully hunted.

Reddit | Roadkill2127

I mean, usually you expect a few bucks off when you find something on the discount rack, right? On a good day, maybe 60% savings? But a shirt that's legit a penny? Crazy.

Thanks, lightbulbs.

Reddit | camstarrankin

Definitely not the first place I would look for life advice — or the second, third, or fourth for that matter — but that might change.

I mean, "Remain soft-spoken and forgiving, even when reason is on your side," is advice a lot of people could use right about now.

Speaking of which...

Reddit | val0719

This sweatshirt dispenses its own life advice alongside the washing instructions. But honestly, in my experience, machine wash cold and do not bleach apply in a whole lot of situations as well.

That's thoughtful.

Reddit | Adalaide78

Because a normal Oreo and a gluten-free Oreo look incredibly similar but have very different effects for someone with celiac, the gluten-free variety actually have "gluten-free" written on them.

You have to look closely, but once you know it's there, you can't miss it.

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