16+ Times People Tried To Be Normal — And Failed Miserably

Being a little weird and off-the-wall can be a great thing! I mean, no one wants to be completely normal, right?

However, sometimes, people can set out to be normal, and just get a little lost along the way...without meaning to. And, with this in mind, here are 16+ times people tried to be normal — and failed miserably.

"Whole Ecosystem On His Face."

This look is completely insane, but I also kind of love it at the same time. He looks like something out of a science-fiction film.

"Girlfriend is starting out trying to learn how to tattoo and I thought it'd be fun to get her to tattoo me. Obviously wasn't expecting much..."

I actually find this kind of adorable. The person who got it also went on to say of it, "I think the sloppy lines really add to the character of a depressed ratatouille!"

"This was my partner's first attempt at sewing. I see why our dog looked so worried."

I really like this, but I don't know why. It is kind of cute in a "Dear Lord let the pain of existence come to an end" sort of way!

"Pretty sure I nailed it."

I cannot take any potshots at this in good conscience, as I know that if I tried to make this then it would look infinitely worse!

"This gate made of welded together spoons."

"Did you order the parts for the fence?"

"Well, technically no, but I've got something..."

"Dave, it's not a load of spoons again is it?"

"Look, bear with me..."

"Hoo boy..."

I do not know what version of Moana the person who drew this watched, but it wasn't the real one. And, if it was, they need to get their eyes checked!

"A house is built with bricks. A home is built with love!"

A lot of people would think of flipping their house back over after a hurricane, but not these people! They stuck with it!

"'God bless all my clients' written!"

I guess that barbers must not be weirded out by other people's hair since they handle it all day, can't say I'd be keen on having a message written in stranger's hair on my floor though. Sounds like something a psychopath would do!

"Chocolate Chip And Shrimp Cookies."

I love both of these things so much, but the idea of them together is absolutely abhorrent.

"Predator Beard!"

Thanks to the weird psychopathic barber writing messages in hair, this is somehow not the weirdest hair thing on this list! You got lucky predator beard got damn lucky!

"What. Is. This?"

It looks kind of like one car is giving birth to another car, and that was an image that no one liked when Audi used it in an advert so seeing it in real life is extra horrible.

"This guy lurking in the living room..."

This is the perfect decoration for anyone who wishes there were more crocodiles in their daily life. Because I'm sure that is a thing that some people want!

Why Have A Normal TV Stand When You Can Have A Porsche!

That is either one hell of a replica they are using for this or the person who did this has more money than sense!

"This car that's actually a boat...?"

Sometimes you just want a car and a boat! Is that such a bad thing? Well, evidently, yes!

"Check Out My New Legit Phone Case!"

Ah yes, the original Pirmlges! There's nothing like the salty taste of "orginial" Pirmlges! Once you pop, they're...something.

"Baby Driver or something, idk I didn't see the movie..."

I just cannot quite work out what the thing running up the windshield is, is it an exhaust?

"This table made from an old street sign."

I can just imagine a guy in found glasses and a black turtleneck leaning on it and saying, "Yah, so I made it out of a roadsign. It's a comment on society...'cause yah."

Decorating Ideas For Next Christmas...

This must have taken a ridiculous amount of work. But, at least it looks...good?

Introducing The Smart HGV!

That is a remarkable amount of effort, for a very little payoff. You have to kind of respect that level of inanity, I guess?

"My girlfriend's 'trinket tray' she made by heating and bending a record."

This just hurts. I'm sure that there will be countless Elvis fans looking at this and screaming inside, or outside!