DIY Ice Lanterns Are The Perfect Accent For Any Snowy Porch This Winter

Not only are ice lanterns visually stunning, they're also perfect for those living in the frostiest climates.

They're easy to make, customize, and enjoy all season long. Many of us are still trying to find fun and crafty ways to pass the time during quarantine, and this is one must-try DIY.

These are festive and frosty fun.

Assembling these ice lanterns is extremely inexpensive, as all of the supplies can be found at local Dollar Stores.

Even recycled cans and synthetic greenery can be used, and, of course, you'll need some water.

The prep is only about 15 minutes before the freezing process.

It's like walking in a Winter Wonderland.

You'll need tea light candles, synthetic greenery and berries, some tape, emptied cans, and something heavy to hold the cans in place.

The idea is for the emptied stacked cans to be the molds for your ice candle as you drop in your decorations and then wait for around 6 hours for your candle to freeze.

Then you put your tea candle in and watch it glow.

There are other great ways to make these ice lanterns.

Cans are excellent for getting started, but once you've mastered making ice lanterns with them, there are more possible molds to experiment with.

Luckily, there are tutorials all over the internet, including YouTube. If there's a shape or design you'd love to use as a mold, it's probably on there.

These may tempt some of us to move to a colder climate immediately.

Ice lanterns almost look magical with their stunning colors and icy textures. Plus, they make for entertaining projects with friends and families to enjoy.

Let us know in the comments what you think of these enchanting ice lanterns and if you plan on trying to make your own.

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