Mom On TikTok Vents After MIL Brings Her Neighbor To Baby's Birth

Giving birth is a very intimate and special experience for many women. It's a time where they feel vulnerable and exposed in the hospital. Not to mention, newborn babies are vulnerable and many new parents want to be very careful with who comes by to visit.

For many, parents don't want anyone else in the hospital besides immediate family.

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Seeing so many people after giving birth is tiring, so many just want their close and immediate family to visit and see them.

Not many new mothers want an entire parade of people around.

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Besides birth being such a tiresome and intense experience, many moms feel exhausted and almost drained after labor.

While parents and in-laws are expected in the visiting room, people's neighbors are definitely not.

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One TikTok user opened up in a fury about how her MIL came to visit her in the hospital after giving birth and decided to bring along her neighbor, too.

The TikTok user explained that she and her husband got married young at 18-years-old when she was pregnant with her first child.

TikTok user @paolalovesj shares that she later learned her MIL was a bit "crazy" and "manipulative." Many of her TikTok videos share stories of things her MIL does that drives her crazy.

Especially, when her MIL decided to visit her in the hospital.

"I'd met my mother in law a handful of times, and one of those times she introduced me to her neighbor. I never saw this lady again," she said.

So, of course this new mom was surprised when her MIL showed up to the hospital with the neighbor!

Showing up to see your new grandchild is one thing, but bringing people from the neighborhood the day that your daughter-in-law is giving birth? Yikes.

With it being her first baby, the TikTok user was extremely anxious, so this did not help.

"I was in labor and it was my first baby, so I was obviously terrified. My mum and husband were with me, and then here comes my mother-in-law with the neighbor," she continued.

How awkward.

On top of it, the neighbor stepped over boundaries a bit.

According to the TikTok user, the neighbor was "praying over her, giving her advice and rubbing her legs."

All in all, she felt uncomfortable telling her MIL how wrong it was, because she was newly married and didn't know her quite well.

"I look at my mum like, 'What the f---?'" she said. "But I was very new to married life and didn't want to create drama so I didn't say anything," she added.

What would YOU have done in this type of situation?

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