Body Language Expert Analyzes Prince William And Kate Middleton's 'Emotional' New Video

Body language is so important. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video speaks a thousand words a second... Don't quote me on that, though.

What I mean to say is, body language can tell us things without verbally telling us things. This is why I love when the royal family gets their body language analyzed because, as we all know, they're full of secrets!

Prince William and Kate Middleton are truly some of the most involved and compassionate royals ever.

Throughout the pandemic, the couple has made many efforts to reach out to frontline workers and offer support and praise during these unprecedented times.

Who can forget when Will and Kate were on their train tour of the U.K. and Kate's handwriting caused major controversy.

The pair were able to personally thank countless essential workers during their holiday season train tour. However, those efforts got slightly overshadowed by Kate's handwriting.

Fans spotted the supposed spelling error in a message she left for the transport workers at Euston Train Station back in December.

On the whiteboard, Kate wrote, "Thank you to all transport workers everywhere for keeping the coutry [sic] moving throughout this difficult year. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! Catherine, William."

In a move that I'm sure will come as a surprise to you all, the internet began making fun of her.

However, we have all moved upward and onward from the incident!

One of the pair's more recent philanthropic efforts was discussing bereavement therapy with frontline workers.

"Bereavement is never easy, especially for frontline workers during these unprecedented times," the couple's post read.

"It is so important to have services like Just 'B', who provide a listening ear for those coping with the loss of colleagues, loved ones, and people they care for."

"For frontline workers looking for support, call 0300 303 4434, which is free, confidential and available daily."

A body language expert is now weighing in on the emotional video of the royal couple.

Commenting on the video, body language expert Judi James said the royal couple showed signs of "empathy," as published by Express.

The royal pair seemed engaged with their audience.

"William and Kate are promoting a bereavement service here that places a focus on listening to people who have lost family, friends, and colleagues and their own non-verbal signals fit that theme perfectly."

"The Cambridges appear to have pared back in terms of their own appearance and their own movements and body language to create a message of concern and empathy."

Judi even pointed out the message that the pair's outfits send as well.

"There is nothing 'celebrity' or high-status about them here, their outfits are smart but functional."

"Kate has even pinned her trademark long, glossy curls back to create a much plainer and less eye-catching look, ensuring our focus is the people they are listening to rather than themselves," she explained.

Judi continued: "Their eye cut-offs do suggest genuine emotion here."

"It is possible to hear and see grief in the body language and vocal tone of the people on screen and William and Kate’s accelerated blink-rate suggests they are moved."

"William looks and sounds more active and troubled while Kate asks questions while offering a warm, caring smile," she added.

It's so nice to hear William and Kate are seemingly just as genuine as they appear!

h/t: Express