Grillo's 'Pickle de Gallo' Is Like A Pickle Salsa For Dill Lovers

Imagine something cursed. Now imagine something delicious. Now, combine them.

That's how I feel about Pickle de Gallo, a pickle-inspired play on pico de gallo. It's a little cursed, a little enticing, and a lot of flavor.

Pickle de Gallo is the brainchild of Grillo's Pickles.

Founder Travis started the company back in 2008, using a 100 year-old family pickle recipe to start selling his family's pickles out of a wooden cart. These days, Grillo's Pickles is the #2 pickle seller in the US.

They have three Pickle de Gallo offerings.

The first is their mild option, of course. Made with cucumbers, brine, yellow onion, red bell pepper, and garlic, this take on the Pickle de Gallo is perfect for the mildly adventurous.

The medium Pickle de Gallo has a chunkier texture.

In fact, Grillo's Pickles refers to their medium Pickle de Gallo offering as "thick and chunky," which is also what I call my thighs. Each jar features fresh habaneros and peppers.

For the truly brave, there's the hot variety.

The hot intensity has fresh habanero, bell peppers and onions to give the mix a little kick, along with Grillo's other signature, organic ingredients!

I definitely feel brave enough to try this — how about you?