20 Bizarre Ideas That People Brought To Life

Art has the power to move people. It can draw out intense feelings of joy, sorrow, anger, and...confusion?

The images on this list can leave one with a lot of questions, most boiling down to, "Why does this exist?" In the end, they're all just bizarre ideas that people brought to life anyway.

"Do you wanna build a snowman?"

Calling this a snowman feels like a stretch but I admire the non-conformity.

"My friend and her sister have exchanged the same birthday card for 32 years."

A surefire way to save yourself $4 every year!

"Park near my new house has a finger skateboard park."

This is where all the local cool hands hang out after school.

"How about a banana to light up your life?"

This is something meant to be seen in the background of Instagram influencer photos and nowhere else.

"Snap-On knives."

No matter which end you're using, the handle seems pretty uncomfortable. One moreso than the other.

"I saw this necklace at an estate sale today."

It's a statement piece alright, but the statement is, "I have too much money that I don't know what to do with."

"[...] Spider Implant."

Spider implant, or eight terrifying collarbones? Wait, it doesn't matter, both are bad.

"These Noodly Appendage servers."

Okay, these are good actually. Cancel the whole list, I found a good one.

"This was in a museum."

An art museum over a science museum, I hope.

"Toothpick holder that was handmade for a dentist."

There's no way that isn't horribly cursed, right?

"Sit on it."

Is it bad that I actually kind of love this? No, wait, I really love this.

"[Dozens] of sneakers hanging from lamppost."

How do so many people just have spare pairs of shoes to throw?

"There’s better places for your animal skull collection..."

Like where, in my house? No one can see it in there, I want to show it off!

"'Zug Zug' the frozen caveman, an art piece in a Minnesota park."

Him being encased in ice is even more terrifying than if he were just a statue.

"This chair at goodwill."

Ah, the softness and comfort of woven belts.

"Accidentally took an alginate mold partially of my nasal cavities."

I already knew our nasal cavities looked like that but that doesn't mean I wanted to see a visualization.

"[Bicycle] chain rims."

"You said you were getting a bike. I don't think this counts."

"My upsidedown cactus."

It misunderstood the assignment but it's got the spirit.

"[Troll] guarding bridge near my town."

This thing absolutely comes to life at night. You can't convince me otherwise.

"At thrift stores I play a game called 'why did someone make this?' This is today’s winner."

Mason jar cups are one of the less awful trends of the past few years but there's still a line. This crosses the line.