Jamie Lynn Spears Blames Elon Musk And Tesla For The Death Of Her Cats

Jamie Lynn Spears is calling out Tesla CEO Elon Musk for the death of several of her cats in a series of Instagram posts.

The 29-year-old claims the cars are too quiet and therefore don't alert the cats that the car they're sitting under has started.

Now, the internet is reacting to Jamie Lynn's bold claims.

Jamie Lynn Spears is best known for her portrayal of Zoey Brooks in the hit Nickelodeon series, *Zoey 101.*

Of course, fans will remember the series being cut short after 16-year-old Jamie became pregnant, causing the show to end after only four seasons.

As fans know, Jamie Lynn is now happily married and a mom of two daughters.

Jamie Lynn tied the knot with hubby Jamie Watson back in 2014, shortly after relaunching her career as a country artist.

These days, Jamie Lynn can be seen in the Netflix romantic drama series Sweet Magnolias.

Now, the 29-year-old is coming under fire after blaming Elon Musk and Tesla for the tragic passing of her pet cats.

In a video uploaded to her Instagram stories this past weekend, Jamie Lynn called out the billionaire for his silent cars.

"Somebody's gotta let Elon Musk know that the Tesla is a secret cat killer."

"It's a problem that we really gotta fix," she continued.

"We have now lost — I don't want to tell you how many cats — because they don't hear the Tesla (TSLA) crank and unfortunate things happen and it's really devastating and tragic for everyone involved."

"Elon Musk, let's figure this out. You owe me a couple cats."

Jamie Lynn went on to suggest that the cars make noises that alert animals so they "aren't caught off guard and things don't end in a very tragic way."

Backtracking from this initial post, Jamie Lynn clarified her statements.

Posting a headline from E! News, Jamie Lynn explained that she hasn't run over any of her cats.

"Not that it matters, but this is a bit misleading," she captioned the screenshot,

"I did not run over any cats," she wrote. "Tesla is not to be blamed, and was never intended to be. User error is admittedly involved. We always check for animals before moving a vehicle," she clarified.

"I was only making a suggestion about something I think would be extremely helpful, and the geniuses at @Teslamotors are the best to go to for said issue."

Needless to say, her statements have been quite confusing, leaving most fans on social media scratching their heads.