Valerie Bertinelli Shares Hilarious Betty White Blooper Reel For Her 99th Birthday

There are very few things in this world that I enjoy more than I love watching bloopers. Something about watching people flub lines or crack themselves up is almost more entertaining than watching the shows themselves.

The only thing I love more than bloopers might just be Betty White, so if somehow I got those two things combined...well, I think I could just die happy.

Betty White is honestly a national treasure.

She's everything I hope to be when I'm a little old lady — sassy, gorgeous, funny, and obviously beloved by every living human being on the planet.

What? It's a lofty goal, but if Betty can do it, so can I, right?

Betty recently celebrated her 99th birthday.

That is incredible. Betty said she'd be spending her birthday feeding the ducks that visit her every day and if that's not the best company to ring in 99 with, I don't know what is!

I'd certainly rather feed a couple of ducks than feed my husband on my birthday, but maybe that's just me!

Betty shared an Instagram post on her special day.

"Would you believe it?! It's my 99th birthday which means I can stay up as late as I want without asking," Betty wrote in her classic adorable and hilarious style.

I'd like to see the person who tries to tell Betty White she has to go to bed!

"I am also very pleased to let you know about the re-release of my long-lost series after fifty years!" Betty wrote.

"I am just so proud of the “Pet Set”. I hope everyone is well and staying safe. We will get through this," Betty finished.

Betty White giving us a present on her birthday? What a queen!

Betty White's Hot In Cleveland costar, Valerie Bertinelli, also shared a special video.

Valerie shared a video of all of Betty's best bloopers from *Hot In Cleveland*!

"Betty bloopers are the best bloopers," Valerie wrote. "I LOVE YOU Betty White! Happy Birthday my sweet lady!"

There is absolutely nothing funnier than watching Betty White crack herself and all her costars up! I watched this video so many times I almost broke the replay button.

That's not the only instance of Betty being hilarious on set that we got on her birthday.

Ryan Reynolds also shared a behind-the-scenes clip of Betty and himself from the set of The Proposal, which showcased Betty and Ryan getting into a pretty heated (and foulmouthed) argument.

How is it that Betty White is such a blast no matter what she's filming or who she's filming with?!

I would love to be able to be backstage at any movie or event that Betty White is at — she seems like such a riot and truly a delight to spend some time with!

You can watch Ryan's clip right here.

Luckily we still have more Betty to look forward to.

Betty revealed that she was working on a Christmas movie for Lifetime, although of course it got delayed due to the pandemic.

I'm always happy as long as there's new Betty White content on the calendar for the future (and more behind-the-scenes clips to come out too)!

I'm so glad Valerie blessed us with that fantastic collection of Betty bloopers!

I think in honor of Betty's birthday, I'm going to snuggle up on my couch with a big blanket and a full marathon of Golden Girls today, and I suggest you join me!

It's only fair after everything Betty has given us over the years!

Happy birthday, Betty!

Hopefully Betty's 99th year is as fun and as special as all of her other ones — and I bet she's planning a HUGE rager for her 100th, so we only have a year to get prepared for that! I'm going to start planning my tribute for her already!