14+ Moments That Made Us Never Trust Anyone Ever Again

Trusting someone can be a hard thing to do. However, sometimes people can erode our trust in people through the simplest of deceptions and everyday cock-ups.

From needlessly enigmatic signs to terrifyingly precious houses, here are 14+ moments that made us never trust anyone ever again.

"So... Just like every other store?"

"Look, all I'll say about this business is that everything has a price, and that is an amount."

"Yeah, like all stores."

"No, these prices are specifically vague...except for when they're not."

"Are you okay in the head?"

Who Is The Nuggetest Of Them All?!

I wouldn't mind, but they're not even nuggets...or "chichen"! What a cluster cock-up.

They Sure As Hell Don't Look "Delighted"!

It looks more like they are screaming out, "For the love of God, devour me whole so that I may be released from this existence of pain and suffering!"

"Seems like false advertising!"

I guess we're actually gonna rock down to no outlet avenue. It doesn't have the same ring, but it's technically accurate!

"Exterminate all Pauls in these departments!"

Yeah, screw you Paul...whoever you are and whatever you have done to incur the wrath of this entire department!

"Some people just need a hint."

I wonder how many people had ripped this sign down before the owner of this restaurant just snapped?

"He lies. I can confirm."

No wonder he is always hungry having a name like "Cornbread." Every time someone calls him he must get peckish!

"Not sure if intentional or oblivious, but this architect did a crappy job."

"Hey, Dave, did you know that from outside, it looks kind of like..."

"If you're about to tell me that it says 'Poop' on the front of my house, I am abundantly aware."


"Hey, so I tried to give that ring back that I found."

"Oh really, what happened?"

"Well, the guy wanted me to take it up this massive tower...and he was just a big burning eye in the sky."

"What the hell did he want a ring for if he's just an eye, surely he didn't have any fingers?"

"Exactly! Bloody weirdo!"

"You'd think it wasn't a hard job."

Maybe it is not referencing this door, perhaps these pallets are meant to be kept away from a door on the other side of the good job if so! I doubt it though.

"N-No. It really isn't."

One thing that you cannot knock is the self-confidence of this fortune cookie, even if it is wildly unjustified.

"Now that's a pour design for a bathroom sink!"

That's a quick and effective way to really annoy absolutely everyone who uses this bathroom, and make it look like they've pissed themselves.

"Brand new house got cabinets in it today, but it might lose the porch tomorrow..."

I feel like this quite aptly reflects my mental state. It will probably hold and be fine, but by God is looks unstable and has the potential to come tumbling down at any moment.

"Well, it's not technically false advertising."

"There more under the cheese, I promise!"


"I mean...maybe?"

"100% legit BBQ..."

Well, that does sound like somewhere that is definitely selling good barbecued meat...and it doesn't seem at all suspicious.

"My grandpa doesn't trust his new Roomba so he's been following it around."

I don't trust those little robots either, they look inherently shifty and I don't know why. There, I said it!

"I found a use by date sticker in my burger..."

Only that slice of bread is in date. The rest of the pieces of the burger are all rotten to hell is what I am getting from this.

"Whose idea was it to put an elastic band around this...?"

In my experience of getting mail with "Please do not bend" written on it, this phrase apparently comes across as more of a challenge than an instruction to mailmen.

"Something's wrong, I can feel it."

So, would you accept that as a 3 or as a 2 in a game of poker? I bet this would stir up some tasty arguments.

"This clock in my boyfriend's parents kitchen."

One person added, "I'm a teacher. One of my co-workers has this clock. According to him, it makes it SUPER easy to tell when kids are looking at the clock. But every time I'm in his classroom, I have to do a double take."