18+ People Who Obviously Messed Up Big Time

There are few feelings quite like the crushing moment when you realize that you have cocked up whatever you have spent a day working on...especially when you know that you have no one to blame but yourself.

From people repeatedly losing eyes to lazers at work to creating mannequins which will devour your soul just by looking at them, here are 18+ people who obviously messed up big time!

"Kind of forgot about the additional clock."

Nope, couldn't be doing with looking at that every damn day, that would do my head in. I'd rather not know what time it was!

"Married couple's slices of lung!"

The thumbs up means that the Married Couple's Slices of Lung were provided willingly...sort of. Goes great with hoisin sauce though!

"The mom on the right looks like she got the baby's head but not the baby."

"Got your nose!"

*Gurgled laughter sounds...

"Got your head! Oh... Crap."

But, Has He Got Enough Ladders?

It says a lot about my hatred of jean shorts that those are the first thing I got confused and angry about when looking at this.

"Car smoking a cigarette & taking pic using selfie stick."

Smoking is really bad for you guys, okay? I mean, it's not necessarily as bad as having a lamppost smash through your face, but it's still not good!

"The sign I keep on my workbench."

I wonder how they lost their first eye, surely it won't have been from looking into a lazer, that would be ridiculously daft...right?

"These mannequins want to eat your soul."

Christ alive, whoever made these mannequins needs looking into! What kind of monster would unleash these upon the world?!

"Door successfully installed."

"So, when I asked if you had measured the door..."

"Well, I was clearly lying wasn't I."

"This is a bicycle sign near where I live. The more I look at it the more confused I get."

I don't know where that fella is going on his little bicycle, but I hope to Christ that there is a chiropractor wherever he is going.

"My aunt's cat got this instead of the traditional cone."

That cat looks like it must have done something truly terrible to incur such an injustice to its dignity! pretty cute though...

"I made a sweater out of dryer fluff."

This guy needs to clear out the fluff from his dryer more often! Also, someone pointed out that he now looks like a character from Mad Max and I cannot unsee it.

"Neither rain nor sleet nor snow..."

I do not know what this delivery guy did to annoy a chicken so much that it managed to chase him off someone's property, but it must have been something extreme!

"Two teams in Turkey played through the snow today. One team wore white…"

"I need you to mark this player!"

"What player!?"

"Oh...I've lost him. Jesus, just try and find anyone and stay on them!"

So Close...Yet So Far!

Maybe they got these doors imported in from Australia, hence why they're upside down?

"Architectural Engineering Building, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University."

"Welcome to class. For your first lesson, I want you to look up at the ceiling and tell me what is wrong."

Don't Bang On The Glass!

Looks like these fish are pretty well connected. If you mess with them, you'll be sleeping with them.

"When you solve entire Rubik's cube but the center piece."

Looking at this feels like the physical manifestation of hearing nails scratching down a chalkboard.

"Just a flesh wound!"

Now I can just imagine this van with all of its wheels having been slashed, crying after a Ferrari, "Get back 'ere, I'll bite your bloody hubcaps off!"

"Seems like perfect placement for a gate to me."

"Dave, so how are pedestrians meant to follow this path?"


Looks Like Someone Missed An Important Memo!

One paving expert added, "The [worst] part is not that they paved around the car, but that they just slapped another layer on the existing pavement, so that it's now higher than the sidewalks, and already crumbling at the edges."