Tennessee Law Firm Is Giving Away One Free Divorce For Valentine's Day

If you're in a happy, healthy relationship, Valentine's Day can be a wonderful time to shower your significant other in love and affection, perhaps even to the point where you make all the unaffectionate, or even single people around you feel wildly uncomfortable.

But if you happen to be one half of a miserable duo, then the so-called Day of Love will likely just highlight that fact and make you both feeling even worse about your failing relationship.

One law firm in Tennessee recognizes that February 14 can be a pretty crummy day of the year for certain couples.

That's why they've decided to hold a contest of sorts. The grand prize? One free divorce. If you're feeling like your marriage is heading that direction anyway, why not enter a draw to have your legal representation come at absolutely no charge?

The Powers Law Firm in Crossville officially opened its "giveaway" on January 11 to anyone hoping to score a free divorce.

According to a press release, one lucky person will be awarded free legal services from the firm, which even includes the court filing fees.

"Valentine's Day, to some, is a reminder that they are trapped in a marriage they cannot afford to get out of, or some other reason," the release explains, adding that the idea was borrowed from another attorney in Murfreesboro, TN.

In order to be eligible to enter, contestants must be residents of Tennessee and the divorce must be agreed by both parties (there will be no surprises here).

They're also looking for divorce cases with minimal or no custody issues.

The firm asks that any wannabe-divorcees submit a story explaining why they want out of their marriage by February 15, and the winner will be picked on February 19.

Timothy Sexton, a paralegal at the law firm, confirmed that most people indeed stay married simply because they can't afford divorce proceedings.

Divorces are really expensive. Usually the cost starts from $1,150, and not everyone has that kind of money to drop off the bat," he told CNN.

He added that among those entries they've received so far is a disabled elderly couple who have already been separated for 20 years, but whose limited income has prevented them from finally getting divorced.

"We are a tight-knit community here and we don't like seeing people suffer," Sexton explained, "so if there's something we can do to help someone, we want to do it."

h/t: CNN, Powers Law Firm

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