This Grumpy Cat And Smiley Dog Have The Best, Fluffiest Friendship On The Internet

I think most of us know that the idea of cats and dogs being mortal enemies is silly. Sure, some don't get along, but most happily cohabitate with their humans and some even form strong bonds with each other.

That's the case with one pair who have gained a following thanks to their strong bond and seemingly opposite personalities.

Casper is a six-year-old Samoyed dog living in New Zealand with his humans Rinsa Li and Wei Cheng.

Though RInsa had always wanted a cat, she worried how Casper would react, so when a friend adopted a new kitty, she took the opportunity to see how he'd react.

When he was amazingly gentle with the cat, she decided to take the plunge and adopted a tiny white kitten named Romeo.

After a gradual introduction to his giant big brother, Romeo decided he like the floofy dog and now they're inseparable.

It probably didn't hurt that Casper and Romeo are similar in their appearance as majestic clouds.

However, what really makes the pairing hilarious is the way Romeo's flat, grumpy face is always juxtaposed with Casper's giant smile.

But don't let the grumpy face fool you: Romeo is a sweetheart.

The pair join their humans on road-trips throughout New Zealand, making their Instagram a particularly scenic example of a classic cute animal account.

Romeo is always shadowing Casper, hoping for his attention, which the dog is happy to provide.

They currently have just over 41,000 followers, but that number continues to grow.

If you'd like to join their fan club, you can follow them on Instagram @casperandromeo or check out their YouTube channel

h/t: Newshub

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