WWII Veteran Receives More Than 1,200 Cards For His 100th Birthday

Of the roughly 16 million Americans who fought in World War II, just over 325,000 are still alive today and the youngest of those brave veterans are in their 80s.

Hugh Keller is one of those remaining veterans and on Christmas Day 2020, he celebrated his 100th birthday!

Wanting to mark the occasion, the North Charleston government sought to make his wish for 100 birthday cards come true.

They received more than 1,200!

When they brought the final delivery of letters to Hugh, it required a wagon to transport them all.

“I’ll be counting them till my next birthday!” he exclaimed upon hearing the number.

The cards came from people from all 50 states, and four different countries.

Throughout December, he received 331 cards, followed by another 40 arriving on Christmas Eve alone.

Then after the Christmas holiday, they came flooding in.

Hugh said that he just thought of this as another birthday, but clearly everyone else thought it was something extra special.

Which it is! Reaching 100 is a milestone few people get to celebrate.

The city made sure to record the delivery of the cards and the resulting video is delightful.

Happy birthday, Hugh!

h/t: ABC 15 News

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