Nestle Toll House's Strawberries & Cream Flavored Morsels Are Truly Romantic

We can't think of a sweeter way to show some love for yourself or your loved ones on Valentine's Day this year than with some Nestle Tollhouse goodness.

While we may not be able to be as close as we'd like to loved ones, we can all enjoy the warm, melty deliciousness of our favorite comfort foods.

Especially when it comes to Nestle Toll House's new Strawberries & Cream Flavored Morsels & More, which are simply divine.

We think we're falling in love.

Nestle Toll House is rolling out their new delicious Strawberries & Cream Flavored Morsels and More packs, which are made with graham cracker pieces, strawberry-flavored chunks, and decadent white morsels.

Reading the list of ingredients is truly like poetry to our taste buds. They'll also be bringing a lot of love with even more morsels for Easter, too!

Feel free to mix or munch on these goodies.

No matter what you're baking, these morsels are perfect additions to any freshly made cookie, cake and more.

However, for those that aren't really the baking types, but always the snacking types, these are great for munching and crunching.

They pair great with the Nestle Toll House's Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookie

The Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is based one the classic Nestle Toll House recipe while including festive red and pink sprinkles along with semi-sweet morsels.

To add to that romantic combination, their Strawberries & Cream flavored Morsels & More pair amazingly with these delectable cookies.

There's no resisting an evening alone at home with a batch of morsel filled cookies.

Nestle Tollhouse never misses a beat or a stir when it comes to baking up some pretty brilliant ideas.

Both the Strawberries & Cream Flavored Morsels & More, and the Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough will be available in February for a season of smiles and sweetness.

The Morsels & More cost around $4 and the cookie dough costs around $3.

Let us know what you think of these morsels in the comments and if they've managed to romance your sweet tooth.

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