Teens On TikTok Are Giving Themselves Under-Eye Bags With Makeup

Weird beauty trends from the internet are nothing new. What is new is that now we have even more ways to share these trends with our friends and followers. This ability to share can lead to some pretty outrageous makeup trends and challenges.

Case in point with TikTok's newest makeup trend: using makeup to give yourself dark under-eye bags and circles. People online had a lot to say over this latest look.

The trend was started by user @saratheelf.

She used a lip pencil to smudge color under her eyes, re-creating the dark circles she already had.

It's very in line with the return of the "heroin chic" look that was popularized in the '90s.

People quickly jumped on the trend.

In @daniellemarcan's TikTok, she actually used a makeup wipe to remove the concealer from under her eyes, revealing her natural bags. She then added color to make them stand out more.

Guys, I'm gonna be honest: I kind of like it.

Seeing it on @abbyrartistry makes me actually like the look of it. It communicates the kind of exhaustion my inner self totally feels all the time.

Sara herself was super into the look.

She was smiling at the end of the TikTok, rocking her eyebags for the whole app to see.

All I can say is: this TikTok trend did not go over well with most people.

Sara got a LOT of hate for her Tiktok.

Like, a little too much, if we're honest. It's a makeup trend, not an opinion on politics or religion. Tbh, the comments were a little more dramatic than the TikTok itself.

Some people actually brought jokes.

If you're gonna dunk on something, at least be funny about it. I would also like to donate my undereye bags to any teenager who wants to try the trend out. I genuinely support you, boos.

Overall, people didn't like the idea.

Most people weren't fans of turning what is normally seen as a flaw into a trend. They would rather cover them up, not make them darker!


Some people were super excited to see the thing they hate so much celebrated and turned into something they don't have to be ashamed of!

Many silver linings were found.

As someone who entirely gave up on makeup in 2020 (and someone who used to spend 3+ hours doing her makeup), all I can say is: Bring on the eye bags!

h/t Teen Vogue