Quotes For When The Word 'Chill' Just Isn't In Your Vocabulary

Anxiety is a b**** sometimes, isn't it?

I think it's safe to say we all deal with it in some form or another, but for many of us, anxiety is a 24/7, never-ending constant that plucks away at our sanity and leaves us questioning absolutely everything in our lives.

If you consider yourself a pretty anxious person, to the point where the word "chill" just simply isn't a part of your vocabulary, I think you're really going to enjoy these quotes.

Picture it: *chaos*.

I should also mention that those trains are also probably on fire, and they're fast approaching the end of the tracks like in those old western movies where, you know, there's just inexplicably no more track. But uh oh, there goes the emergency brake!

Yeah, that's what it's like inside our heads.

It's kind of like my really terrible super power.

If you ever see me crying because the milk went bad or because I forgot to record my favorite show last night, now you know why.

Please kindly pass me a weighted blanket and turn on Mamma Mia. AKA, my feel-good movie.

Not just any traffic, either. *Rush hour.*

That's right, my internal monologue is like trying to cross a five-lane highway after quitting time when everyone's rushing to get home and couldn't care whatsoever about the little squirrel doing it's darndest to weave in between all the cars.

There's never a rush, but I'm somehow *always rushed.*

I also don't particularly love grocery stores where you have to bag your food yourself. Not because I'm lazy, or because I think other people should do it for me, but because my anxiety simply cannot handle the pressure of someone waiting for me to finish so they can pay for themselves.

That's when I end up with bruised fruit and dented soup cans because I'm literally just tossing everything into bags and running.