Instead Of She Sheds, People Are Building Wine Shacks In Their Yards

Brittany Rae

What's a wine enthusiast to do when all the bars, lounges, and restaurants are closed?

Build their own, of course.

People are transforming their sheds into the hangouts of their dreams, right in their own backyards! How are they doing it? Let's find out.

Now this is somewhere I'd want to hang out.

Thanks to something called good ol' Covid, most of us can't go...well, anywhere. Luckily, some elbow grease, materials, and a vision can get you a dope hangout in your own backyard!

Some people have built amazing setups.

Have you ever seen a backyard bar or wine shack with a whole patio before? Because I sure haven't. This looks like such a fun place to hang out!

Wine shacks and bar sheds are a DIYer's dream.

They're a really fun challenge for those who love power tools, painting, and decorating! It doesn't take much to turn sheds into bars, either. Just make sure you have power connected to the shed for your fridge!

Some people have gone crazy elaborate with theirs.

We're talking full plumbing hookups, LED lights, and entire outdoor eating areas! This one looks like it's built in a shipping container, but any shed will do!

Seriously, some of these are intense af.

Not only does this have a covered patio and a barbecue area, it has two sheds for maximum outdoor lounging. I feel like this one is so big, it needs a full liquor license!

Now this looks like a good time.

Yup, I have decided my backyard wine shack would be Tiki-themed. We're talking flowers, plants, nautical decorations, the whole tacky nine yards. Oh, and string lights. Can't forget those.

Some people just have all the money.

Imagine having the money to build a brand new wine shack, instead of renovating your existing shed. I want that kind of money, you know? I'm gonna make it happen.

Don't forget to bring some friends along.

A lot of these were built while in lockdown, so your guests might be four legged, but hey! Weird times call for weird measures. And your pup deserves it!

Feel free to keep it simple.

A wood frame, some shelving, and some seating can create the ideal outdoor space for wine bar vibes! Don't forget to bring some snacks, and maybe some water for the puppies.

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