Clients Share The Results After Giving Two Stylists Total Control Over Their Makeovers

Now that the new year is here, are you ready for a new look? After all, don't they say, "New year, new you"?

If you are, do you have an idea of what you would like to change about the way you look? What would you say to a surprise makeover that only your hairstylist and makeup artist envisioned for you?

That's exactly the idea that these two beauty professionals came up with together.

Russia-based makeup artist, Oksana Trunova, and hairstylist, Olga Tarasova, are giving women what they call "blind makeovers." These talented ladies freestyle their clients' transformations, and the results are going to pleasantly surprise you.

After many of their clients asked them to "do something" to their looks and didn't know what they wanted, these two ladies had a brilliant idea.

Why not just freestyle a makeover? The concept worked, and now they pretty much do these all the time.

Their transformations have already garnered them many fans on Instagram.

That's where they post their fantastic before-and-after pictures.

And after seeing just a few of them, I have to admit I'm already becoming a fan myself. How about you?

These two creative ladies don't think of themselves as just beauty stylists.

They feel as if they're also psychologists. Their process involves talking to the client before each transformation to really get to know who they are as a person.

That way, once the transformation begins, they can cater the look to the individual features and the character of the person.

They also take into account the client's lifestyle, age, and personality. It gives each person a truly individual experience.

Oh, wow, I wish I had beauty professionals like these to work on improving my looks.

Wouldn't that be so amazing? I think their clients are so lucky to have such caring people work hard to make them look and feel better.

The thing that makes these two ladies work even harder is seeing the happy looks on their clients' faces.

I bet that must feel really good to see, huh? It's the kind of motivation a person could use to improve their professional skills.

The final result of the transformations is always a special moment for both the stylists and their clients.

Seeing the reaction of their clients usually brings tears to their eyes. It must be such a touching moment for both parties. I would love to see this with my own eyes too.

I can imagine the ladies who go through this process feel so much better about themselves.

It's pretty apparent when you look at these stunning before and after pictures. There is so much more confidence in the eyes of these ladies.

Oh my goodness, doesn't this lady look like she could be an actress or something like that?

I love the way Olga cut her hair here. This hairstyle suits her face a lot more. Don't you think? And the makeup is so beautiful, too.

The ladies describe the change that goes through each and every one of their clients as being not only external but also internal.

You can see it in the smile that usually follows each transformation. I'm pretty certain of that.

It's really amazing to see the ladies who underwent this surprise transformation come out of their shells in full force.

I bet they're going to be able to take on anything they set their mind to after this awesome makeover.

I bet both Olga and Oksana feel very blessed to be able to touch people's lives like this.

It must be such a gratifying experience to know that they transformed someone into looking their best. They're definitely very talented at what they do.

How wonderful does this lady look here?

I think this new color suits her face a lot more than the other one. What do you think? Do you agree with me? Both her hair and makeup make her look younger, that's for sure.

If you're looking for a chic new way to start the new year, a great haircut may be the best thing to do.

I love how this lady's look got elevated here. She looks like she's having a lot more fun, no?

Sometimes all you need is the right kind of haircut to bring out the best in your features.

I think this lady got exactly what she was hoping for here. Her skin looks glowing, too. I'm guessing she really loves this "after" look.

Not every beauty stylist can figure out the best look for someone.

That's why both Olga and Oksana are so good at what they do. They take the time to figure out what would suit their clients the best.

It must be amazing to step out of a salon and feel like you're a brand new person.

I bet all of their clients get this fun experience out of this. I have to admit I'm secretly envious of them, hee, hee.

Look at this beautiful and vibrant shade of red here. The whole haircut suits this lady so much better, no?

Her face is glowing after this beautiful makeover. Both her hair and makeup are stunning here. I'm so impressed with this look.

How pretty and fun is this lady's new haircut, huh?

It's apparent to me that her old look wasn't doing anything for her. Now she looks like she's ready to accomplish everything she sets her mind to, no? I totally dig this makeover.

So are you as impressed as I am by these amazing makeovers here?

Would you put your faith in someone without knowing how you're going to look in the end? I have to admit it would make me a bit nervous, at least at first.

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