Quotes That Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Life After 'I Do'

I can distinctly remember watching TV shows and movies growing up and thinking, "Wow! Marriage looks fun!"

Let's all take a moment to LOL together at how unbelievably young and naïve I was once.

I'm not going to hate on marriage here or anything, but let's not pretend it's all fun times and sunshine. It can be messy, it can be headache-inducing, and it can make you wonder if that whole "I do" thing at the ceremony should maybe be more like "I guess?"

Today I've gathered some of the best marriage quotes the internet has to offer so everyone can finally understand what life is truly like after that ring goes on your finger. And let tell ya right now, it isn't pretty. Enjoy!

"Just...all of it."

I'll be honest, I'm not the kind of woman who can just stand by and watch her spouse do something incorrectly. I make a point of letting them know exactly what they're doing wrong as if they're going to take detailed notes in a little notebook and then do it correctly the next time.

Oh well, one can only dream right?

That's the definition of true love right there.

If you can deal with listening to his likely super annoying alarm clock ring and ring and ring without him getting up every single morning, then you belong together.

And also, you're a damn saint.

He why does he always do it so *wrong* though?

We've literally started keeping two in the bathroom because I can't stand dealing with his tube.

It's always crumbled to hell at the bottom from him squeezing it too hard, with just as much toothpaste spilled over into the cap as there is left in the tube.

I physically can't bring myself to even attempt using that thing.

"Don't let it happen again."

Nothing has saved our relationship quite like investing in two duvets for our bed.

Not only do we no longer fight over how heavy or how light we need our top blanket to be, but now we also don't spend the entire evening wrestling over said blanket with one person (him) always ending up sleeping without a blanket on at all while the other person (me) is happily cocooned in warmth.