16+ Times People Just Had To Leave Their Mark On Something

January 14, 2021

When it's all said and done, when it's time to shuffle off that mortal coil, how do you want to be remembered?

In the 21st century, it seems like your best bet for immortality might just be sharing something funny on the internet.

Bob sounds important.

Reddit | t_floz69

I'm glad the second and third lines are there. Otherwise, I'd be looking for a guy wearing orange to hit with my car.

The cruelest birthday.

Reddit | hellofren88

When you turn eighteen, you're finally an adult. It means you'll be expected to work for a living, but you're also too young to get a job that pays decently. Fun!

The golden ratio.

Reddit | Hicks121

Sometimes all you want is a dab of Frank's hot sauce and you end up with sacred, immortal art.

Work it, Mario.

Reddit | DrMistovev

I like this. On one hand, this is an iconic pose for Mario when he finishes a level. On the other hand, well, he looks a lot like a stripper.

Best wishes.

Reddit | Nomad-Rambler

"My daughter gave my son a signed picture of herself for Christmas," wrote a proud parent. This girl is clearly going places.

Make sure to take notes.

Reddit | coles_corner

I appreciate the humor here but if the note-taker literally refused to shift their chair to see the board, that's on them.

Fine art.

Reddit | hornyobama123

What is marriage? That's a tough one to answer but part of it is being willing to go to extremely weird lengths for your partner.

Well done.

Reddit | BigDaddyCool17

I kind of suspect this is how most burger places achieve their charbroiled appearance. I mean, I'm not complaining. It looks delicious.

A reference we didn't need.

I get it: this is a glass recycling truck and the pun was irresistable. But it's also been twenty years since we first saw Jar Jar. Please, let him die.

Word to the wise.

This is a classic cat move. I'll bet she hasn't even used the cat door that was installed specifically for her use.

Pika Pika.

Reddit | Balloon_911

There's a world of costumed mascots out there so it stands to reason that some of them are going to be off-brand and just plain weird.

Don't worry about it.

Reddit | whiskeyjane45

It matters not why the dog is on the roof. The important thing is that it's okay and that the pupper knows what they're doing.

Toilet with a view.

Reddit | FilthyPirate22

This toilet doesn't offer much privacy. That said, the breathtaking scenery more than makes up for it, I'd say.

You killed your car.

Reddit | AStrangerWCandy

It's good to go green whenever you can, so I applaud the solar panels. Maybe they should have used something stronger than duct tape to hold it together, though.

Bike rack.

Reddit | bm_2o3

Whoever did this makes a good point: if it's a bike rack, it must accept whatever bikes are placed in it.

They're not wrong.

Reddit | Cpmonty

Everything here is more than 99 cents, except for the stuff that isn't. That's why they call it 99ยข Vision, obviously.

Flat tops.

Reddit | NoSaltZone

A flat-topped Christmas tree doesn't look great, exactly, but at least you can say it's on-brand for this flat-topped dude.

Apple Watch.

Reddit | Racetravis

It has no smart functionality and can't even tell the time. But you can't deny that this is, in fact, an Apple Watch.

A tale as old as time.

Reddit | CarelessStretch

The note in this textbook dates back to the 1930s and proves that people have been coasting in school for decades.

The only kind of skateboarding that matters.

Reddit | Themermaid81

This full-sized park also features a pint-sized skate park exclusively for finger boards. This would have been really fun if they'd made it in, like, 2002.

Still, a skate park isn't a skate park until someone puts graffiti on it.