Chris Hemsworth Shares Adorable Throwback Shot In Honor Of Brother Liam's Birthday

The best argument I've ever seen for the idea that karma is real is the Hemsworth brothers. Surely on a global scale the world must've had pretty good karma to get not one, but two gorgeous, famous, talented brothers in the same family, right?

It also turns out that these two are as adorable as they are handsome based on a post shared by Chris in honor of his younger brother's birthday!

We all know and love Chris Hemsworth.

Chris is, without contest, one of the hottest guys around. I mean, he's literally Thor, right?

He's also kind, generous (you can watch — er, I mean, join in on some free workout classes he's hosted), and hilarious, if his Instagram presence is anything to go by.

And obviously we all love Liam Hemsworth too.

The younger of the Hemsworthes is best known for his work in The Hunger Games franchise, and for being a little clone of his brother, but he's worth celebrating all on his own!

Liam celebrated his 31st birthday on January 13th, and Chris celebrated that by sharing maybe the most adorable throwback photo of all time.

The throwback shot featured a young Chris and Liam looking absolutely ADORABLE!

"Happy birthday @liamhemsworth this photo was taken 3 years ago today, damn time flies but you haven’t changed a bit," Chris joked in his caption, proving that he's not just a pretty face — he's also funny! What more could you want?

It's reassuring to know that even celebrities get embarrassed by their older siblings on their birthdays.

Although we're sure that Liam wasn't all that bothered by the picture!

Happy birthday, Liam!

Which Hemsworth brother do you fancy the most? Let us know in the comments below!