Chris Evans Reportedly Returning To Marvel As Captain America

Deal or no deal? Those are the words that are rolling around in people's heads right now as they wait for Marvel or Evans to break the news about the apparent contract Evans is about to sign.

Word on the street is, he will be reprising his role as Captain America in a future Marvel project. But it's not a sealed deal just yet.

It's true. Chris evans is REPORTEDLY returning as Captain America in the Marvel Universe.

Unfortunately, however, we don't know in what way. Considering Marvel is opening up the multiverse, he could be coming at us from another timeline.

But of course, we might also be seeing him as Old Man Steve.

According to, as of right now, the deal is not locked up yet, and Evans can even return in more than one property.

But ultimately, we will have to wait and see what happens before we start celebrating. After all, neither MArvel or Evans have commented on the deal, so everything is currently still in the air.

But considering how beloved he is in the role, we wouldn't be surprised if Evans sealed the deal.

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