Quotes For People Who Eat Their Donuts With A Side Of Donut Holes

Oh donuts. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I'm big enough to admit that I am an absolute glutton for those golden, deep-fried bad boys. And I'm not very picky, either. I'll take a coffee shop donut, or a fairgrounds donut, or a classy gourmet donut that costs $25 — I do not care. As long as there are donuts involved, you can bet I'll be buying one. And a side of donut holes, if they're available.

If this sounds familiar, I think you're really going to enjoy these delicious, donut-themed quotes I've gathered here for you today!

This is how I live my life.

Indeed, I want a flat tummy, but if you bring a box of donuts into the break room and tell me they're for everyone, I need to get to that box first and pick out the best one.

It can even be a carrot cake donut, if that makes the transition easier.

I can sit here and wish for a donut to take this salad’s place all the live-long day. But that’s going to get me absolutely nowhere. So if you need me, you can find me happily munching on a freshly-purchased baker’s dozen while that terrible little salad wilts away in the garbage.

The struggle is real.

Some days you can manage plain donuts without sprinkles, and some days you find yourself buying a dozen of those fried beauties to eat in your car on your way home from work.

It's called "balance."

You're welcome.

Look, I'm more than happy to help out where I can, but at some point I deserve some sort of recognition for it.

The world needs to know that their hero is out here eating three times her share of annual donuts, and maybe sometimes even more than that if there happens to be some sort of "buy 12 get one free" sale that day.