11+ High-Key Brilliant Solutions To Everyday Problems

Don't you ever feel like even the smallest annoyances can seem like earth-shattering problems? I completely understand because I've been there before. Sometimes it's very easy to get overwhelmed with life, especially these days.

So if you catch yourself in this situation, look back at these simple yet effective solutions to everyday problems. I hope they'll make your day brighter.

1. This Crosswalk

Singapore really cares about their elders. They have set up cards you can tap on a crosswalk sign that will enable you to take longer to cross the street. Isn't that such a wonderful and useful idea?

2. This Park Bench

Isn't it annoying when you finally find an unoccupied bench only it happens to be in full sun? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could pick your perfect spot? This bench with a rail underneath lets you wheel it to a spot in the shadow.

3. This Garbage Bin's Collection Rails

These trash cans in Norway let homeless people collect bottles and cans so they can exchange them for spare change. This way, they don't have to rummage through the garbage to find the bottles.

4. This Tea Mug

Wouldn't it be handy if your mug came with a little slot you can put your used tea bag inside? Well, this one does just that, and I think it's the cutest thing I've seen in a long time.

5. This Fitted Sheet With Markers

I can't tell you how often I get irritated while putting on a fitted sheet on my mattress. I can never remember which side is which. Why don't they do this with all of the sheets, right?

6. This Chess Set

If you always wanted to learn how to play chess but don't know the right moves, this set is for you. There are correct moves for each piece stamped on their bases, so you can learn a lot easier.

7. This Hospital Ceiling

Going to the hospital is never fun, especially since the rooms feel so clinical. This hospital set up its ceilings to look like the sky so you can look at it while you lie down. How neat is that?

8. This Fridge

Do you often have a hard time finding stuff in your fridge? And then you end up throwing it out because you forgot it was there? It wouldn't happen if you had revolving levels like this fridge. I need this in my life.

9. This Remote

Our Android box came with a remote. Unfortunately, we had to buy a separate keyboard to use most of its features. I've never seen a remote that has a keyboard on its back. Isn't that cool or what?

10. This CPR Training Machine

Have you ever had to administer CPR? I haven't, but I have taken a class before. Unfortunately, I have forgotten all the lessons since then. So I love this interactive CPR kiosk they set up at the airport which can teach you CPR in no time.

11. This Keypad

Are you freaked out about your password security? You should be. Secret cameras can capture your hand movements and figure out your passwords. However, this keypad randomizes the numbers every time, so this wouldn't be possible. Do you feel safer now?

12. This Magnet Sleeve

Do you always loose screws when you're doing handy projects around the house? Don't worry, I bet it's pretty common. Perhaps you could get yourself a magnet sleeve like this one to solve this problem, huh?

13. This Painting Version For The Blind

Who says that a blind person can't visit a museum or a gallery and still enjoy the art? The Uffizi Gallery in Florence has painting versions like these for blind people to use which is such an amazing idea.

Oh my, don't you love these smart and easy solutions to help us get through life?

I'm such a fan of stuff like that. I wish all products and services kept our sanity in mind. Life would be so much more enjoyable. Am I right?