12+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘Why Me?’

We all have the tendency to think that the world is out to get us from time to time, and that is often because the bloody world is out to get us!

From impossibly obstreperous cats to hideous noodle-based mishaps, here are 12+ moments that made us go "Why me?!"

"We had our wedding cake remade for our 5th anniversary and this fat bastard took the first bite."

I mean, that cake does kind of look like a big block of cat food so...maybe they brought this upon themselves a bit!

"Forgot my plastic spatula in the oven while heating up my lasagna."

I don't know about the lasagne, but that spatula looks hot as hell! Wouldn't worry about that being cold in the middle when you bite into it. No one likes to eat a cold spatula.

"Are we there yet, getting real tired of this..."

Sure, it may be uncomfortable and very hot, but at least that guy might be protected if they have a crash.

"Someone in my hometown was sick of people's dog crap!"

Nothing can inspire fury in a person quite like stepping out of their house first thing in the morning on their way to work and landing their foot in dog crap.

"Tried to buzzcut my hair because all the barbers were closed, clipper called it quits halfway through. 4 days until my Amazon one arrives..."

Well, that is definitely a look! It is not necessarily a good one but it certainly stands out!

"Was a little windy here today..."

I can just imagine the person whose trampoline this is staring at this and thinking, "Sod it, it's not worth it," and leaving it there.

"Tiny human steals cat's bed at nap time."

I bet that this cat has never wanted to sleep in this bed before, but now that the kid is in it they want to sleep there.

"So, I, uh... landed a juggling ball into a lit candle."

This is what you get for juggling in your spare time. Seriously, get a proper hobby!

"When the pipes burst overnight and you have to go to work in the morning..."

I would not even know how to start going about defrosting that. Maybe order a giant microwave?

That's Not Good...

Seeing stuff like this releases the inner Captain Holt in me. I feel like I wouldn't be able to sleep until I had tracked down the single most accurate tape measure with which to measure the other tape measures and destroy the inaccurate ones.

"Lost my wedding ring a month ago, bought a new one today. Also, today..."

Apparently it got stuck when they stuck their finger in the nail polish remover, and they never felt it slip off. What are the odds?!

"Someone accidentally set off the fire suppression system in a military hanger."

I cannot fathom the intensity of the sinking feeling you would feel in your stomach if you were behind this.

"A cat whose owners are fed up."

I love the quietly furious annoyance in the phrase "and knows this very well" at the end of the message!

"Someone in my town fell 30' down a well through the floor of their house they didn't know existed. Literally a well that sucked."

Well, that is unsettling well. I would be constantly terrified of what ancient evil I had inadvertently unleashed upon my house if I were this guy.

"Why children, why?!"

In fairness, keeping Play-Doh colors separate can be pretty damn difficult, but this is just insanity! I can't look at this, dear God make it stop.

"It was my dad's birthday today but we didn't have the right numbers so we got creative."

I didn't know that people still had their age put on cakes after they turned 18. I don't think I'd like the idea of a cake-bound reminder of my relentless trudge towards death.

"I waited for an appointment for 3 months and this is where my juvi cat is at as I leave the house."

Eventually the cat did make its way down on its own. However, I'd wager anything that this cat will get itself into this position in the future, they never learn.

They're Trying Their Best!

I think that this is a struggle that everyone has experienced in their lives — and if you haven't, then you haven't lived!

"I forgot to take the old coffee pod out of the coffee maker before making cup noodles."

I wouldn't overreact quite so much! I mean, donut-flavored noodles can't be that bad surely?

"I found where my 3-year-old twins have been hiding my loose change!"

Ah, kids! They really are I wonder how much money they had saved up in this strange little piggy bank?