17+ Mistakes That Really Make Us Embarrassed For Humanity

Seeing someone make a daft mistake or do something ridiculously insane can be good for a laugh sometimes — however, sometimes it can also cause us to feel a crushing sense of disappointment on behalf of the entirety of humanity.

And so, with this notion in mind, here are 16+ mistakes that make us embarrassed for humanity.

"North Korean Flag displayed by Proud Texan!"

I mean, if this guy is to be believed, you really don't want to mess with Texas as North Korea clearly has their back.

"Ranked #1 in the industry!"

Hey! That guy's mother is allowed to have an just so happens to be that they think that their kid is the best hauler in the land! Definitely not biased.

The Effects Of Christmas Still Linger...

Pfft, but without this thing, how am I supposed to heat up an extension cord for use as hair straighteners?


"So...boss, about that impenetrable truck that you just got. Yeah, well, you're not gonna believe this..."

Who Are They Going To Call To Rescue Them Next?

"Call more people in to help, the coastguard, the police, I don't care who you call just get them here!"

"Should I warn them about the ice at least, as that's what caused..."

"There's no time, just bring more cars here as quickly as possible!"

"I can't see this ending well, but okay."

But...He Was Technically Correct!

They should have given him a free drink for such a great demonstration of lateral thinking that a truly drunk person could never come up with!

"Nasty is just one letter away from tasty!"

"Dear God, Dave, you really need to change those bulbs, immediately!"

"Or, hear me out, we roll with it! Just keep the new name."

"Is this just because you can't be bothered getting up the ladder?"


Nice Try...Sort Of!

I can just imagine the guy shouting at them, "Dude, did you not read the shirt? How the hell is this happening to me, this bank robbery idea was supposed to be foolproof."

"Something's wrong, I can feel it."

One needlessly philosophical person posited, "The question is — is that a three of spades with the middle pip missing, or a two of spades with mis-printed numbers?"

"One of my forks came uncut..."

Maybe this is a fork designed so that you can finally eat soup with a fork! Finally, our wildest dreams have been realized...sort of.

"There was an attempt to make a high school poster..."

Even putting aside the ridiculous "K" abandoned on the left, they still managed to spell "knowledgeable" wrong as well.

"Got my token of gratitude as a healthcare worker at work today, notice anything?"

You can really feel the gratitude through this small but meaningful typo. I mean, typo aside it is still a pretty crappy gift!

"I'm a server and I wear a mask at work every day. Someone left this note on a receipt tonight."

"I can't see the tops of your cheekbones moving, are you smiling under that mask?!"


"You damn well better be sunshine."

It'll Look Great If They Roll It!

"It's so that it'll look right when people look at it in their mirrors!"

"Wow, what a great...wait a minute. Damn it, Dave, did you just put them on upside down?"

"In a what?"

Font choice can make or break an advert. For example, in this instance it massively improved it!

"All they had to do was print on a picture of cheese."

But, cheese can be state of mind, sort of. So, who is to say that this eggplant isn't currently in the cheese state of mind? I'm really reaching here, but whatever.

"I have no idea where to post this but here you go."

Between this and the eggplant/cheese disaster, the next generation won't know a trombone from a block of brie.

"Screw these people in particular."

I'm struggling to work out whether they were trying to test the paint like self-entitles dicks or if they're just straight-up asshats, either's not looking good for them.

Yep, The Name Checks Out!

Look, it's not a wrong description necessarily, it's just a little needless when they have a name already...apples. Jeez guy, come on.

"My daughter turns 1 next week. She learned to play hide and seek today."

"I'm gonna go hide behind the curtain!"

"No, we've been through this, that's not the point of the game is it?"

"You're right, I'm meant to shout where I am when I get there!"

"Christ, I need a drink."