Ben & Jerry's Is Launching A Line Of Frozen Treats For Our Pups To Enjoy

Even when we know it's not good for them, it's hard to resist the puppy eyes from our adorable dogs when they whine for a bite of our food.

Luckily, Ben & Jerry's is launching some very sweet treats for our puppers to have their own dog friendly guilty pleasure.

That's right, now you and your dogs can stay up on a Saturday night to eat your feelings, and boy are they good.

It's time for you pup to dig into their frozen doggie treat.

Everyone's dogs are truly going to have something to drool for when they see these goodies, playfully dubbed "Doggie Desserts" by Ben and Jerry's.

They're innovatively made using sunflower butter, which is completely safe for dogs to consume.

Two flavors are being served with scoops of love.

There are two flavors that dogs will undeniably love.

Pontch's Mix is made with peanut butter and pretzel swirls, and Rosie's Batch is made with pumpkin and adorable mini cookies.

Your puppies will be begging for seconds.

These "Doggie Treats" come in mini-cups and mini-packs for every pup to get a taste of all of this frozen treat goodness.

There's plenty of bites for every bark.

These frozen treats are available on the Ben & Jerry website for around $2 per mini-cup, and $5.50 per mini-pack.

These would make some mighty tempting reward treats or even birthday presents for your beloved doggie.

Let us know in the comments what you think of these "Doggie Treats" and if you plan to pick some up for your pupper soon!