Gorgeous Geode Puzzle Is A Mesmerizing Challenge

Are you ready to see some of the prettiest puzzles you'll ever lay your eyes on?

Brought to you by Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg via Uncommon Goods, these geode puzzles are so gorgeous that you'll never want to take them apart!

These are not your average puzzles.

"The way they're made is inspired by how a geode's crystalline structure is created in nature," they wrote on Uncommon Goods' site.

The two are MIT graduates who wanted to make things completely inspired by nature's processes.

The process is fascinating.

"[...] a special simulation program develops an image by layering color that radiates from the puzzle's edge; an algorithm generates the puzzle piece patterns; and a computer-guided laser cutter shapes the pieces from birch plywood."

No two pieces are alike.

Since they're all handmade, you'll never have the same puzzle or geode as someone else. There's 160-180 pieces to them, depending on which geode you end up with!

You can get yours at Uncommon Goods.

For $72, you can get blue, pink, or multi-colored pieces for your geode. These are so beautiful that I couldn't bear to take them apart after! I'd frame mine, tbh.