Chuck Norris Denies That He Was At Capitol Riots: 'I Am Always For Law And Order'

The world was shocked on Wednesday, January 6 when a group of protestors stormed the United States Capitol building. While many of the protestors or rioters have been identified by the authorities, one man was misidentified as legendary actor and Walker, Texas Ranger star, Chuck Norris.

Chuck himself as well as his manager have now spoken out to deny the star's involvement in the riot.

The riots on January 6 at the Capitol have been widely discussed in the weeks following.

Some feel that the protestors, upset about the confirmation of Joe Biden as the next president of the United States, were encouraged or agitated by President Trump, while others have denied the president's involvement at all.

Many have been working to identify those involved in the riots.

Protestors have been identified largely through pictures and videos others took at the events, although some people shared on their own social media that they were involved and present at the event.

One protestor shared a photograph of himself with someone he perceived as a celebrity that caught a lot of attention.

A picture shared by a person who was present went viral shortly after the riots.

Instagram | @theessentialmattbledsoe

The poster had captioned the photograph, "Chuck Norris," and it depicted a man posing with the protestor who resembled Chuck quite strongly.

Many fans believed that it was the legendary actor present at the riot, but others debated.

Some fans joked that if Chuck Norris had been present, the situation would have gone down very differently.

Others argued that the man in the picture looked too young to be Chuck Norris, with one fan writing, "Yeah that guy is way too young to be Chuck. Definitely a doppelgänger. Sorry Chuck!"

However, the debate has been officially settled.

After the viral photos caught the public's attention, both Chuck and his management have spoken out denouncing the claims that Chuck was at the riot or even anywhere near D.C. at the time they were occurring.

"This is not Chuck Norris and is a wannabe lookalike although Chuck is much more handsome," Chuck's manager stated.

"Chuck remains on his ranch in Texas, where he has been with his family," they added.

"I recently learned there was a Chuck Norris lookalike at the DC Capitol riots," Chuck himself tweeted shortly after the statement was made.

"It wasn’t me and I wasn’t there," Chuck continued.

"There is no room for violence of any kind in our society. I am and always will be for Law and Order," he finished.

Fans of the star were quite happy to hear that Chuck himself had not been involved in the riots and shared their feelings on Twitter.

"I apologize for what I said and thought of you," one fan tweeted.

"I studied martial arts because of you. I watched you compete then act, and was a huge fan of yours. And I still am! I agree w/ your stance on violence. I'm so glad that wasn't you!" they added.

"That’s the spirit Chuck, but it’s evident that Police Officers or anyone defending the Law are sorely lacking in your talents," one fan wrote.

"Your abilities should be part of basic training for these Peace Officers. We need more Walker Texas Rangers!" they tweeted.

Many fans were glad to hear that Chuck had not participated.

"We know that Chuck Norris wasn't there, because if Chuck Norris had been there he would have kicked the rioters in the head until they ran away. All of them. Twice," one fan joked in response.

What do you think?

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