Bride-To-Be Shares Controversial 'Contract' With 37 Rules For Her Bridesmaids Online

When our friends find their one true love and decide to walk down the aisle, we can't help but be happy for them. When they pick their bridesmaids and choose us to be a part of their special day, it's touching and sentimental, to say the least. There's nothing quite like feeling appreciated by a friend and knowing they want you to be a big part of their wedding day, a day they will look back on for years to come.

For some of us, weddings and planning can bring out the worst in people.

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While planning a wedding can be extremely exciting and is a happy milestone, the stress and the chaos can bring out some crazy sides of people. Of course, that's why people came up with the term "bridezilla."

While some brides are laid back, others are totally high-strung.

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Not only do they demand that everything goes their way, they start to make some pretty harsh demands of their soon-to-be partner in life and even their friends and family.

How would you feel if you were asked to be a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding and then got hit with a contract?

I'm sure you might have some mixed feelings about it — I know I would!

Recently, one bride hit her bridesmaid party with a contract with a total of 37 different rules they had to follow leading up to and on her very special day.

The list, which was originally shared on Facebook, went viral for the insane demands the bride was requesting.

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From the bridesmaids' attitudes to their weight to saving money, this list is LONG:

"1: I will not try to convince the bride to change anything in her wedding.

2: I will not talk negative [sic] about anyone in the wedding.

3: I will not gain more than 3kg between now and the wedding.

4: I will wear only black or dark brown hair on the day of the wedding (highlights may be accepted with prior approval).

5: I cannot wear any lashes the day of the wedding unless professionally installed."

The bride also required the bridesmaids to attend any and all wedding events.

"6: I have to attend the bridal shower and bachelorette party, fitting and rehearsals and wedding (only time this can be missed is death or jail, pregnancy over five months and some sickness with recent doctor’s note).

7: I will take care of my skin, hair and nails from now until the wedding.

8: The bride will choose my make-up artist the day of the wedding.

9: I will agree to wear the dress the bride chooses regardless of my own opinions, style or colour.

10: I will not wear any extra accessories, items of clothing or jewellery the day of the wedding except my wedding or engagement ring."

Bridesmaids are also not allowed to get pregnant, nor drink "too much" at the wedding.

"11: I will not intentionally fall pregnant before the wedding. (Pregnancy under five months will not be excused from attending wedding events).

12: I will support the bride in everything she chooses.

13: I will not consume more than seven units of alcohol during any event except bachelorette party (there will be no limit).

14: I will not bring a date to wedding or reception without bridal approval."

Kids are also "not allowed" at the wedding at all.

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"15: I will not bring any outside people, except kids, to any meeting.

16: I will not bring my kids to the wedding unless they are a part of the wedding party (no exceptions).

17: I will make sure I have an accountable babysitter the day of all events and I understand that no show for no babysitter will not be an acceptable excuse."

Bridesmaids are also not allowed to "date" or flirt with anyone in the groomsman party.

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"18: I will not make any advances towards males in the wedding party.

19: I will not date anyone in the wedding party that I wasn’t dating before I signed this contract.

20: I will be happy and positive at all times during wedding and reception.

21: I will not grow sensitive and angry with the bride because I understand that she has a bossy attitude.

22: I will not attempt to outdo the bride in any way."

The women also have to pay for a whole lot of stuff to be a part of this day.

"23: I will wear the hairstyle the bride chooses for the wedding day.

24: I understand that I have to purchase my own dress and shoes and hairstyle for the wedding.

25: I understand that the bachelorette party may be a destination getaway.

26: I understand that I have to purchase a bachelorette party T-shirt and fund my own trip if it is away.

27: I understand that the maid and matron of honour will need help funding some of the events. The wedding and reception are not included."

The bride also put, twice, that she wants "no suggestions."

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"28: I understand that the bride does not want any suggestion and this agreement is on here twice, two different ways because the bride wants it to be clear. Only suggestion allowed is a way to get her exact item at a cheaper price.

29: I will not drop out of the wedding party for any of the reasons listed above. If I do not like anything listed, I will not sign the contract and I will be replaced. I understand that [if] I do not agree to the above terms it will not ruin the bride and I’s friendship. But if I sign and agree and later want to drop out, then it will ruin our friendship.

30: I understand that no friendship to the bride is bigger than anyone in her wedding party and everyone will be treated equally."

The bride also expected bridesmaids to save $50 a month for the next 14 months.

"31: I understand that I may have to do physical activity at the reception and this requires practices provided by the bride.

32: No coloured contact lenses allowed.

33: No black drawn-on eyebrows or thick drawn-on (matter of fact, revert back to make-up law above).

34: No glossy coloured lipstick allowed (the kind that looks very , very shiny and bright).

35: No colourful nails the day of the wedding. Only colours allowed are American, French or Nudes.

36: I will provide the bride with my normal seven-day schedule within five days of signing this contract.

37: I will agree to save at least $50 a month for expenses for the next 14 months."

Apparently, the bride said that, of her 10 bridesmaids, only six signed the contract.

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Online, the contract has been circulated widely with many criticizing the bride.

"I feel very sorry for her future husband. And I doubt she'll have any friends after this. She's also very insecure. She needs therapy, a good lay, and maybe to consider getting a puppy instead," one person wrote.

Some people online said this bride seems to be the least understanding person in the world.

"'You cannot back out.' I can just see her suing some poor bridesmaid who is lying in a hospital with a broken pelvis from being T-boned by a drunk driver," someone wrote on Reddit.

Others wondered how this bride had any friends at all.

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"This is so next level [expletive]. Bridezillas have gone beyond the wedding day and we’re doing wedding years now," one person on Reddit commented.

One person said they would write back to her, with very specific rules.

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"The only way to answer that contract correctly is to send it back, not signed of course, with a note on it: 'please lose my name, address and phone number!'" one person commented.

People online were shocked to see that a bride could be so demanding of people she claims are her "friends."

"I stopped reading after rule #9 because my eyes were tired already," one person on Reddit said.

Do you think this contract went too far?

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