14+ People Who Aren’t Mad, Just Disappointed

There is a lot of stuff out in the wild that is designed to wind us up to no end. However, as opposed to getting angry, sometimes it is easier to just embrace the disappointment.

From wedding rings trapped in truly unbelievable places to scaredy-cat trampolines, here are 14+ people who aren't mad, just disappointed!

"Since Christmas [I've] been wearing these noticing how the right ear sounds lower than the left one but just brushing it off."

One thing is for sure, their right ear will have been kept dry while they had these on!

"The irony. Thankfully everyone was ok!"

"Call someone!"

"But...who? We're already here!"

"I don't know! Just do something!"

"When you live in Svalbard, Norway and forgot to close the window to the home office."

In fairness, this is how cold I think that my home office feels every single day when I head into it. I seriously cannot imagine how crushing that must have been to find though, talk about a crappy start to the day.

"A child drew this on the back of a kids' menu."

Bloody hell, same kid, same! I feel like any adult would likely draw this at the moment as well, and with the same level of artistic ability.

"I'm pretty sure my mom will never again ask my help with putting away the nativity scene."

These could also be a series of sandwiches from the new Christianity-friendly Subway range. Not that Subway is normally anti-Christianity or anything...

Welcome To Reality!

That is one hell of a high tax rate to be applying to gift card money! I don't know where this guy lives, but he needs to check his taxes right away.

May The Force Be With You...

It's good to see someone actually having fun at one of these conventions with the fans, there are few things more uncomfortable than seeing someone who is clearly hating every second of their time there.

"All of the paint needed for a condominium complex."

"Quick, grab some brushes and start painting before it dries on the floor!"

"Dave, come on, it's over."

"Bump this kid to the next grade."

I like how the cartoon of the guy on the left looks like he is pointing at himself and saying, "Get a load of this guy!"

"My sister asked for a Nintendo Switch for Xmas...her boyfriend must have misunderstood."

I don't think that he misunderstood anything. Well, either that or he bought the Switch on Wish.

"My buddy's last ride of 2020."

It must have been a particularly crappy year for this guy, considering he lost a thumb as well, poor guy.

"Just a flesh wound..."

Why fix something that clearly needs fixing when you can instead turn it into a testament to a Monty Python gag?!

"I asked the kids to check on how many eggs we had left, quote 'We have plenty.'"

It'll be the kids who are disappointed when they have to share the measliest amount of scrambled eggs for breakfast between the three of them!

"When the pipes burst overnight and you have to go to work in the morning..."

I don't think that it is necessarily as bad as the frost in the home office, but it's still a catastrophic nightmare to wake up to!

"Paid extra for this 'window' seat."

What's this? An airline screwing over a paying customer?! Wow, hold on, let me put on my hat of complete disbelief... It's a Stetson made of rubber, for anyone wondering.

" I know how to fascinate women!"

In my experience, if you only give someone a single piece of cheese they actually just get annoyed. Try giving them a full wheel of cheese, that might work!

"My neighbours had a party last night. That's my trampoline."

They must have been making too much noise and startled it. Trampolines climb when they get nervous!

"I waited for an appointment for 3 months and this is where my juvi cat is at as I leave the house."

This person went on to clarify, "He managed to find his way down to the shed roof and I got him from there but it took a lot of time to build his courage. I was ready to climb and get him. He is ok, no vet visit needed but I doubt he learned anything."

"Lost my wedding ring a month ago, bought a new one today. Also, today..."

Yep, this person went on to say, "I stuck my fingers in to soak nail polish remover. I cannot believe it!" They're now wearing both of them for the time being...which is a bonus I guess?