15+ Ideas That Beat The Odds And Actually Worked

Although it's true that some people's dreams are more realistic than others, that doesn't make the act of dreaming itself any less powerful.

And besides, it's also true that some dreams only seem impossible until they're actually a reality. And while it can certainly be discouraging to see our big hopes not pan out, it's even more satisfying to watch as everyone who said you'd never make it is proven wrong.

And while the ideas we're about to go over hasn't catapulted anybody into superstardom yet, there's something special about the fact that we can see them in action at all.

Apparently, it's possible to make a usable bike maintenance multi-tool that's actually in the shape of a bicycle.

If nothing else, I suppose that'll prevent someone who finds it 40 years from now from having to wonder what it was used for.

While some might picture a caulking gun as having exactly one specific use, this person has shown us what happens when you dream bigger.

Although considering that they're using it to press the last remnants of their hand lotion out of the tube, I suppose they're technically dreaming smaller than the people using these for construction projects.


In case you couldn't already tell where this takes place, the staff at one Canadian fast food restaurant have found a fitting way to keep contact to a minimum.

And since most places there have machines that simply allow you to tap your card on them, the customer may not even need to hit any buttons here.

As the uploader described it, they were trying to replace one of the hinges on their hood and didn't have any help.

So while this light and prop setup may seem unnecessary in many circumstances, I can't really call it anything but resourceful in these ones.

Using the dolly that slides under the car for this was an interesting touch as well.

When this person was trying to make what they called a "drunk chicken," they learned that their grill wasn't tall enough to accommodate it.

So they added this metal ring to keep the whole operation comfortably contained.

Not only that but they also monitored the temperature of the extension so they could be sure that no melted zinc siphoned off into their food.

Sometimes we'll see an idea that makes us wonder why people didn't start doing it years ago.

In this case, it appears that somebody finally made a shampoo bottle with a clear strip in it to show us how much is left.

That way, we won't have find out that we're out and not simply almost out mid-shower.

I can certainly think of times when I was stuck in this situation and wished I had something like this with me.

Because without a clever pole setup like this, we're just left awkwardly inching along the curb and hoping we can reach around the construction.

This picture's uploader said their grandpa was always annoyed about having to move his yard lights every time he mows the lawn.

But apparently, he realized that since it's possible to do that, it's also possible to put them in a flower pot and let that take all the bumps.

The light shines just as bright, too.

Due in part to the quality of the picture, it's a little hard to tell what these people are trying to do.

But while the fact that the child is wearing skates provides a pretty clear hint that this is a homemade rink, it's hard to blame anyone for not picking up on the fact that the other person is using a homemade zamboni.

Specifically, they're using a hot water hose to melt the top layer of ice and feeding it through a tube connected to a towel to ensure even water distribution.

Somebody had some wonky stairs to deal with when they were trying to record a graduation ceremony.

But while they also revealed that the resulting video is likely to be of potato quality due to the 480i camcorder they're using, at least it won't just show its grainy subjects from the waist down.

It's true that when someone shows us a little consideration, even the small gestures can do a lot to make our days brighter.

And it would be hard not to feel that warmth in this scenic part of the Netherlands where someone thought of putting little roofs on this bike rack.

That way, people don't come back to wet seats when it rains.

How common this is apparently depends on where you live but some eggs will actually have their expiration dates printed on them.

However, it seems that at least one vendor in Brazil takes things a step further and writes little messages on the eggs as well.

For instance, this one is supposed to say "2021 more love." So far, the outlook on that is...uncertain to say the least but let's keep a happy thought.

When conditions got treacherous in the Midwest, one person found a way to keep wearing their Crocs without slipping.

And sure, that wouldn't exactly be my footwear of choice either but I have to respect the ingenuity of adding some snow chains to them.

This planter obviously calls for some specific varieties of plant but I'm sure it's a must have for those willing to complete the effect.

And for any Simpsons super nerds out there like myself, I've checked and Cecil's face is slightly different from Bob's so it wouldn't quite match to just get a plant that fits his hairstyle.


While this is clearly a lawnmower, you've likely noticed that it's a far cry from any mower you've come across.

And that's because we're actually looking at a kind of Frankenstein model made with parts from four different mowers. They call it the Johnda JS14HYA because some of this stuff came from John Deere and others came from Honda.

I'd be curious to see how well this works.

It may be a little hard to tell from this picture but it seems that this clothing rail is held up by wires attached to that pair of scissors.

If that seems like an odd choice to bear a load like this, it apparently has to do with the fact that the uploader realized their home has three pairs of scissors in it and this was the worst of them.

The driver of this truck apparently found themselves without a jack stand so they improvised with something they did have.

And while I'm not sure how long that beer keg will hold out, it's kind of incredible that it managed to make it this far.

Since I've never been there, I suppose I haven't had much of an opportunity to admire the design of Costa Rica's money.

Not only is it bright and colorful but there really isn't any danger of putting someone's picture who will eventually fall out of favor on it.

After all, what's a sloth going to do?

Despite how it looks, this isn't actually a soda can.

What we're looking at is the cover that one is supposed to put over beer cans so they can drink surreptitiously. Apparently, that was among the uploader's Christmas presents.

Presumably from someone who likes to party.

And those aren't just there for decoration. These plants actually have a practical purpose.

While the uploader figured that this restaurant grows all of their vegetables in house, the look and supply of them, suggests that these are actually herb plots.

Still, that makes it harder to find fresher herbs than this.

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