15+ Things That Look Totally Different Thanks To One Little Change

We, as people, tend to get very comfortable in the lives we lead. That's why when one tiny detail gets changed, about anything, it can really throw us for a loop.

Featured in this list are some examples of just that, things that look totally different thanks to one little change.

"One of my forks came uncut."

You lost a fork, but you gained a tiny spatula to flip sliders with!

"These freckles on my arm make an almost perfect Big Dipper."

This has to be the mark of something, right? You're some sort of star hero or space royalty?

"My new turtleneck has an incorporated face mask."

I've seen clothes that come with a matching facemask, but this is just too much. It looks like you're wearing papier-mâché.

"I should not have given him vitamins."

It's wild what a few steps closer to the camera (and a few extra vitamins) can do!

"My husband’s fully reflective iridescent rain set."

Keep yourself safe at night when running or biking, and dazzle every driver that rides past!

"My GOT books have been used so much that only 4 of them fit in the original case now."

That's a great tradeoff for a set of extremely well-loved books.

"A dog in a blizzard."

Again with the seemingly giant dogs, I love this. My dreams of Clifford being real can still come true!

"I found a burnt [goldfish] cracker."

This feels like the opposite of a golden ticket. Looks concerning, probably doesn't taste good, and you don't get anything for it.

"The way this bird sits while eating."

I've never felt such elated, childish joy than I have learning that birds can sit like this. It's so cute. I'll never recover.

"My sister baked a [3-layer] cake and before she put frosting on, [it] looked like a hamburger."

I will now be plagued with thoughts of cutting into a cake and finding hamburger inside, thank you.

"The paint in my paint tray looks like a crow."

With that color, it's closer to a seagull. Make sure you don't have any food around.

"A Very Rare Tridge."

I was wracking my brain trying to figure out how this would work before learning that it's a foot tridge. Still, very cool!

"I found some icicles looking like chess pieces."

Instead of a snowman, you can build a snow chessboard! It'll have to be a quick game, though.

"This cell phone tower in my hometown was disguised as a tree to blend in."

By using 'disguised' and 'blend in' you sure are giving this a lot of credit.

"January 2020 vs January 2021 Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada."

I'd like to give props to everyone who lives somewhere with this kind of snowfall. It snows maybe an inch here and I refuse to go outside.

"My dog’s spotted skin revealed by his allergy test shave."

Well don't take a picture, he's clearly embarrassed, look at his face!

"Sweatshirt caused my arm to look extremely long while climbing."

Oh don't be modest, long arms are a huge advantage when climbing, no need to be ashamed of it!

"My Lunchables turkey meat wasn't sliced."

Not that I ever thought Lunchables meat was the best quality, but this certainly does offer a new perspective. I'd still eat it, though.

"This bench outside a concert hall."

It's cute little decorative details like this that really make the world a better place.

"This Spiderweb covered in soot from a small kitchen fire."

Just when we thought cobwebs couldn't get any more Halloween-y, a new colorway drops!

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